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Curt Gooseneck Hitch - Ball and Safety Chain Loops for Chevy Ford GM Nissan - C38CR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen [email protected] where are we taking a quick look at the Curt gooseneck ball and safety chain loop kit for your OEM Gooseneck hitch for your truck. So this allows you to use a gooseneck hitch ball for your gooseneck trailer to connect up to that. And then also these mounting points for your safety chains to connect into your truck as well. This works with the factory pucks system for the Chevy GM trucks and also Ford and Nissan. So any of those that have that factory gooseneck attachment should be able to use these guys.

So it makes it really easy to connect up to your trailer and then take them out again, whenever you don't want to use those or have them in the way. So if you're loading of anything like lumber, gravel, dirt, or anything like that in your truck bed, you can just easily pop these guys out and you have that unobstructed use.Comes with a nice carrying case as well. So it keeps them all together and prevents the parts from getting lost or misplaced, and also keeps them protected from any kind of scratches and dents and dings and keeps them from rolling around in your truck. So let's take a little closer look and make sure that this is the right kit for you. This does come with a two and five 16th inch ball.

It operates pretty easily, so whenever you lift up on this little tab at the top and turn it, it does pull these two balls in. It's kind of hard to see here, but whenever that's turned those come in and then you turn that out and they come back out. So, that's what holds it in place inside your hitch. And then you just flip that little lever down and it should be snug in place.Our safety chain loops are held in place by a pin. So we'll have a snap ring to open up and that's what holds the pin in place.

And as you can see, there's a pretty good amount of tension on that snap rings. That definitely is going to hold that down. And then that pin is going to hold this in place to keep it from moving around to turning same for the other side as well.These safety chain loop, attachment points are made out of a heavy duty steel. And then our ball is a Chrome plated steel. So very durable system.

Whenever you're not using that hitch ball, it does come with a cover to plug that up, to keep any kind of debris or dirt falling through that opening, and also keep it for you to buy any of those things, getting in there and gunking up the works and preventing this from sliding in nice and easy. The case that it comes with is very snuggly designed so that everything really fits in its place. So you don't have to worry about anything rattling around. It also fits really nicely in there, and you can just put everything in, completely put together you don't have to take anything apart or anything like that to get it put into its case and then snap it up and it's all put away.So it makes it pretty easy to do that. And then you can store this inside your vehicle somewhere safe to keep it out of the way. As far as the weight rating with the ball, it's 38,000 pounds. Of course, you do want to keep in mind that is limited to the capacity for your hitch and for your towing vehicle as well. So you always want to go off of the lowest number between any of those weight ratings, because you're really only as strong as your weakest link in your system. So you want to make sure that you check all the weight ratings for the components that you're using and go off at that lowest number between them. The ball size again, two and five 16th inch it is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. And that's really about all there is to it for our look at the Curt OEM puck system, gooseneck ball and safety chain loop kit. I hope this has been helpful to setting this the right one for you. Again, I'm Ellen [email protected] Thanks for watching.

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