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Review of Curt Gooseneck Hitches - Ball and Saftey Chain Loop Kit for RAM - C58CR

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Curt Gooseneck Hitches - Ball and Saftey Chain Loop Kit for RAM - C58CR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a quick look at the Curt kit for your under bed gooseneck in your Ram truck. This is going to give you the ball and safety chain loops for getting connected to that gooseneck hitch or that gooseneck trailer. It also comes with a case to store everything away. So it's not rolling around in your truck. It just makes it really easy to have that gooseneck ball when you need it to tow your gooseneck trailer down the road.

But then you can also take it out pretty easily and have full access to your truck bed, two haul any kind of items like lumber or a load of gravel or something like that. Something where you need that full access to the bed without anything in the way. So let's take a closer look at the kit and talk a little bit more about some of the specific features to make sure that this is the right fit for your particular application.Again, this does work with the factory installed gooseneck hitch on your Dodge Ram truck or your Ram truck. So it should just drop right in and be a pretty easy install for both the ball and the safety chain loops. The ball is just a little lever up at the top of the ball that lifts up.

And then if you turn it to the side, as I press in on the bearings here, the ball-bearings, that's what holds it in place. So I'm going to press in on those. As I turn this little lever up at the top, that's, what's going to allow them to come in and then if you turn it again, they come back out. So I'm keeping pressure on those and that's, what's allowing them to move around. So you can really turn this little lever all the way around, but it really only snaps into one spot there.Has that little tapered design, so it's just fits in that one little slot.

So it makes it really easy to drop this in place, flip that little lever, turn it, and then you're locked into place. The safety chain loops slightly more involved, but really nothing difficult. It's just going to be a snap ring that has a pretty good amount of tension on it. They'll need to pry up and remove. And that holds the pin that holds this guy in place.

So again, this just drops down in locks into place, and then you put that pin down to make sure that it doesn't move or rotate out of its slot. And then the snap ring in turn keeps that pin in place. So, pretty easy to get all that installed. Of course, no kind of modification to your truck or anything to get those put in place.They just work with that factory installed hitch, and that it does come with a little rubber cap to go over the hole where your ball would go. That's just to keep any kind of dirt or debris from falling into that and causing any issues with getting this put back in place. You don't want to allow that to get gunked up. And it also helps to prevent if you are going to haul gravel or dirt or anything from everything, just filtering out that hole. So, all of that will fit into the included case. I kind of liked this because it helps to keep everything together. And it also prevents it from just rattling around in your truck. Having these loose pieces can always be kind of a hassle if you're just trying to stash them away at a cargo area. So having a dedicated spot is always nice. And these just all fit right inside there. You don't have to take anything apart or do anything fancy. They just slide right in and closes up.And I also like, that it doesn't really rattle too much. So that's another nice thing about it. Now, as far as the other specs with this, the ball is made out of a Chrome plated steel. So it should be nice and durable for a long time. The safety chain loops are made out of a cast, forge steel with a carbide finish to help them stay rust-free and strong for many years, the capacity for the ball is 38,000 pounds. But of course you do want to refer to the owner's manual in your truck and make sure that you follow the recommendations or follow the guidelines for your capacity, from there.You don't want to exceed your trucks capacity and you don't want to overload the system. So always go off with the lowest number of any component in your setup. It is covered by a lifetime limited warranty and the ball is a two and five 16th inch ball. That's pretty much it for our look at me, Curt ball and safety chain loop kit. I'm going to pack everything up in here. If you ever happen to lose one of these guys, they are available separately. So you don't have to worry about getting a whole new kit. If one happens to go missing or something happens to it and gets damaged and you want to replace that out, that's it for me I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right kit for you. Again, I'm Ellen here at Thanks for watching.

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