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Curt Hitch Adapters - Hitch Extender - C45048 Review

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Review of Curt Hitch Accessories C45048

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Hitch Extension and Reducer for a 2 1/2 inch trailer hitch. This adapter bar is going to let you modify your hitch receiver to accommodate your application. What this does is it basically extends the length of your hitch receiver to clear obstacles like truck bed-mounted campers. This does reduce the size of your hitch receiver opening from a 2 1/2 inch receiver down to a 2 inch receiver. It's got the electrical bracket right here that's going to let you mount a connector like a 7-way wiring extension. That item is sold separately. If you're in need of something like that, you can find them right here at

We're going to have the built-in loops. That's going to let you easily attach safety chains to the application. Very simple installation. All you've got to do is slide this into your 2 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch trailer hitch receiver and then, again, it's going to provide you with a 2 inch by 2 inch opening. This extension is going to provide 34 inches of length, measuring from the center of this hole to the center of this hole. Or you can trim this down.

There's going to be a trim line right here, so you can trim it and then from the center of this hole to this hole is 24 inches, so you can have a 34 inch extension or if you need a 24 inch extension, you just trim right here through the steel and reduce it to a 24 inch extension. The unit is made from a sturdy steel construction. It's going to feature a really nice black powder coat finish on it, so it's going to do a great job at resisting rust and corrosion and looking good for a long time. It is going to come with 1 pin and 1 clip, so you can use that to secure the unit inside of your hitch, or you could use that to secure your hitch mount accessory, or whatever it is that you're going to put into your 2 inch by 2 inch opening. This is just a standard 5/8 inch diameter pin that comes with a clip. If you need another one for this application, you can find them here at They are sold separately.

The product is made right here in the USA. Again, it's going to go into a 2 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch trailer hitch receiver. Your receiver opening is 2 inches by inches. The extension length, so again, from the center of this hole to the center of this hole is 34 inches. From the center of this hole to the center of this hole is 24 inches. When you're using this as a 24 inch extension, your maximum gross trailer weight is 6000 pounds. When it's being used with a weight distribution, it increases to 8000 pounds.

Maximum tongue weight is 600 pounds, and then when used with weight distribution, it's going to be 800 pounds. The weight capacity when using this with a 34 inch extension, it's going to give you a maximum gross trailer weight of 4500 pounds. With weight distribution, we're looking at 6000 pounds. Tongue weight for the 34 inch extension, 450 pounds, and then with a weight distribution is 600 pounds. Keep in mind that the adapter bar must be trimmed down for applications that require only a 24 inch extension. To do this, you would use a hacksaw and you would cut along the trim marks shown right here on the bar. No trimming is needed for applications that require the 34 inch extended length. We also want to recommend that you use stabilizing straps when carrying hitch-mounted accessories with this adapter. You can find those here at Those are going to be sold separately with part number 18050. That's going to do it, though, for today's look at the Curt Hitch Extension and Reducer for a 2 1/2 inch trailer hitch receiver.

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