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Curt Hitch Anti-Rattle - Standard Anti-Rattle - F-315 Review

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Review of Curt Hitch Accessories F-315

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number F-315. This is the Curt trailer hitch and anti-rattle kit for inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter trailer hitches, class 1 or class 2. Just keep in mind that the shank of the ball mount, cargo carrier, bike rack, or hitch accessory must be hollow in order for this to work. This right here is going to be a block with a nut. This is going to be placed inside the ball mount or your hitch accessory and your thread portion is going to line up with the thread portion on the bolt. As you tighten the two together it's going to draw the side of the accessory of the shank to the inside edge of the hitch tube and the more tight you get this the more drastically it's going to reduce the amount of rattle or wobble from within the hitch. It's going to remove that movement and vibration or at least help reduce it.

You're going to get the anti-rattle bolt with the lock washer, you're going to get the clip to go on the other side of the pin and you're going to get the block with the welded on weld nut. Real quick I just want to show you how this system would install. Right here I have our hollow shank ball mount. It's really simple, simply just take this, slide it in there. It's got a little tab on the edge so it's going to stop which when it get to that point you can see here that the threaded portion lines up with the pin hole. With that in place all you would have to do is take your accessory, place it into you're hitch, we're acting like this receiver tube is our hitch today, line up your pin holes and then take your anti-rattle bolt and then we would simply need to place that through there. Once we have that in, you can see that right now we still have some wobble and play between the shank of our ball mount and the receiver tube of our hitch.

As we tighten this down, it's going to help reduce if not fully eliminate the rattle and wobble that we have. Then you'll want to take a socket wrench or a regular wrench and finish tightening it down. It's just going to use a standard 3/4" socket or wrench. Once you have that tight, secure it with a clip on the other side. Now you can see we virtually have no play within the hitch. That's going to do it for our review or part number F-315.

This is the Curt trailer hitch anti-rattle kit for inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter trailer hitches. .

James W.


They need to add a spring to keep that thing in place while installing! Would make this sooo much easier to put together! And also uninstalling to store and then reinstall again. He reached up on there to adjust it before puting in the bolt. You couldnt do that too easily when youre puting this on your car unless you were ready to get dirty and lay on the ground. Most ppl buying this would rather not have to lie down on the pavement every time they put this on their car. Just my two cents...

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