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Review of Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier - Hitch Bike Rack - C53201

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Curt Hitch Cargo Carrier - Hitch Bike Rack - C53201 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the Curt auxiliary led indicator lights. Now these auxiliary indicator lights will offer increased visibility and safety for your cargo carrier bike racks. They offer double row LEDs in each strip that'll cause correspond with the brake turn and running lights. The LED strips are right in less specific and they are stamped on their L for left R for right. It's very easy installation. They just stick on and plug into your four way flat connector on the back of each light strip.

There's a nice 3m adhesive backing. It gives you a secure, convenient mounting on a variety of surfaces. And each light is a durable, waterproof construction for lasting weather resistance. What I want to do is I'm going to give you some dimensions on these, and then we're going to hook them up to power just to show how they light up and how they operate.Basically the wiring harness, which is plugged into your four-way connects to your lights. Length on this is going to be 71 inches.

The light bar, each one length wise is going to be seven inches long. And the wiring is 22 inches of wiring on each light bar. Does include everything shown here. The two LED light strips with the 3m adhesive backing on the back and the wiring harness to plug it in. So what I'm going to do now is we're going to show you.

You'll take your yellow connector and you can see it has this threaded connector on it. And then you just line up, it's a three pin connector and it has a little raised area that you just line up and push them together, take your threaded part, and then just thread it all the way up until it secures it and that'll keep it connected.So it doesn't come apart. The blue one will do the same way, line it up, push it on and go ahead and thread on the connector all the way down until it tightens up. So now both of your lights are connected and then we'll take our four way and I got my four way here. So we'll go ahead and plug that in.And once we get that all plugged in, there we go.

I'll go ahead and turn on our 12 volt power. And you can see with our 12 volt power on. It can see that the top row of LEDs will light up and that would be for your running lights. Okay. And then I'm just going to go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. You can see how bright they are as the running lights. And then when we hit our brakes, you can see when you hit your brakes, you'll see that the bottom row of lights will light up. So you hit your brakes, the bottom row lights up. And then if you do your turn signal, just want to show you that you can do that way you'll do your left turn. I'm sorry, your right turn. That would be this one over here.And then if you do your left turn, Turn my power off. There you go. There would be your left turn signal. Very nice LED lights to give the brightness and turn back on our overhead lights and turn off our power. But that should do it for the review on the Curt auxiliary LED indicator lights..

Donald L.


I bought these and and this is the sequence of events that followed. 2019 Grand Design Reflection 337. Installed and lights applied to hitch (in the daytime) with Florida sun. They appeared to work fine ...all functions. We are full time rvers for the most part. Departed to another location and did a pre-check in the sun and the lights (trailer) looked different. Final evaluation at location was the trailer lights dimmed when curt light plugged in. Remove curt aux lights and all is normal. Testing the 4 prong flat plug showed nothing unusual. I had to remove and discard them. I will be testing grounds in trailer but have checked them before with no surprises. I am still up in the air on these lights but something is not right. There are no LED taillights on my 5th wheel.

Les D.


@DonaldL I would like to help you with this issue. If I understand you, you are plugging the Curt # C53201 auxiliary LED lights into the factory supplied flat-four connector, and the regular lights on your GD337 trailer are dimmed. Then, removing the auxiliary lights causes the standard trailer lights to shine as bright as usual. A couple of ideas come to mind. First, I think you are on the right track concerning grounding. I would locate where the white wire from the trailer rear bumper connector is attached to the trailer frame. remove that connection. Wire brush the ring terminal that connects to the trailer frame, and also clean down to bare metal where the terminal attaches to the trailer frame. Do the same for the frame ground at the 5th wheel connection, and again at the truck frame connection behind your 7-way there. It is also possible that the power coming from your truck is maxed out and you don't have the amperage to operate these additional lights. You could try hooking up some other 12 volt device to the flat-four connector and see what those results are. Finally, It might be difficult on a trailer like this, but your next step will be to try and inspect the trailer light wiring coming back from the connector and leading back to the light assemblies. Most of the wiring is probably pretty well hidden/covered but any sections you can access make sure there aren't any exposed, pinched, or otherwise damaged areas that need to be replaced.

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