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Review of Curt Pintle Hitch - Pintle Mounting Plate - CU27FR

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Curt Pintle Hitch - Pintle Mounting Plate - CU27FR Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're taking a quick look at the Curt SecureLatch Pintle Mount for 2" hitches. The shank here is going to slide into your 2" X 2" receiver tube on your hitch, and this is going to provide a mounting point for your Curt SecureLatch pintle hook and combo hitches, specifically the part numbers that you see on the screen there.Now, keep in mind this spacing of our slots here is right about 3-3/8 of an inch, which is pretty common for most of your bolt-on pintle hooks, so you should be able to use other accessories as well, not just the Curt ones, but this is specifically designed for those, so should give you a lot of variety, lots of options there. If you already have a pintal hook that bolts on in place, this should work for you.It does have the slotted mounting plate, which is going to allow us to easily adjust the height to match our trailer height. So if we're using multiple trailers, we can easily switch between them and adjust to the height that we need.

It's only going to take one tool so you're not going to have to disassemble it or anything and just get your wrench, loosen these up, slide them to where you want them, and then 3/4" socket and torque wrench, tighten them up and that will be right where you need it to be.Now, keep in mind this is intended only to be used in the drop position like it is now, and not flipped over in the rise position, so that will cut down on the amount of adjustment that you have, but you are going to get about 6" of adjustability in this here.This is made of a cast iron construction, which has been austempered too, so it's going to be very strong, that austempering process is going to make the material very strong. It also has a textured dark gray finish that's going to resist any corrosion and provide a premium look. The hardware that we have on here is a zinc finish to it, so again, it's going to help resist any rust or corrosion.Now, the pin hole that we have here is your standard 5/8, so it's going to work with your standard 5/8 pin. Now, the pin and clip does not come with this mount, you can find plenty of options here at We also sell some options that are locking so you don't have to worry about this getting pulled out when you're not around your truck and walking away.

Keep it more secure there.Our total gross trailer weight is going to be 24,000 lbs. Now, keep in mind, your towing setup is only as strong as the weakest link, so you always want to make sure that you're going off of the lowest number between all your components, so that you're not going to put undue stress on any of those.I do you want to give you a few measurements here. Make sure that this is going to work for your setup. Our overall width, we're looking at about 5-1/8; our height, right about 9-1/2", and our length from the front here to the back, can be kind of difficult to see that, right about 10-1/2" total length. You're going to have plenty of room on that shank to get it put into our receiver tube.

It's going to do a good job for us.This does come with a limited lifetime warranty from Curt, and that is pretty much going to complete our look at the Curt SecureLatch Pintle Mount for your 2"hitches. Again, I'm Michael with etrailer. Thanks for watching.