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Curt Spare Tire Carrier - Hitch Mount - C31006 Review

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Review of Curt Trailer Cargo Control C31006

Today we're going to review part number C31006. This is the Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier. Now, this is a universal spare tire carrier that'll fit in any wheel bolt patterns and installs into a two inch by two inch trailer hitch receiver. Now, this carrier will fit on a front or a rear mounted hitch receiver. It's made of a nice, durable black powder coat finish to help resist corrosion. Now, the hardware, if you'll notice on here, it has two horizontal slots and one vertical slot, and that's where you would mount your wheel and tire up to here to carry your spare tire. Now, the hardware to mount your wheel on to here is not included with this part number.

It does require three bolts and nuts to attach that spare wheel to the carrier. What I would recommend, if this is going to be used on a trailer, I would recommend using half inch nuts and bolts to attach your wheel to this carrier, since most trailers use half inch nuts on their wheels. That way, since your spare will be held on with half inch and your trailer will be half inch, you'll be able to use the same lug wrench that you remove the wheels on your trailer on this carrier. Now, if you are going to use this spare tire carrier on a vehicle, you might try to get the bolts that hold the spare tire to this carrier the same size as the wheel lugs that are on the vehicle. Again, that way you can use the same lug wrench for both the vehicle and the spare tire. This does measure 24 inches tall to the very top. From the bottom to the very top is 24 inches tall. Now, the weight capacity on this spare tire carrier will be the same as the tongue weight capacity of the hitch that's installed on it.

If your hitch has a tongue weight capacity of 350 pounds, this will be able to hold the 350 pounds. You just want to make sure that the weight of this spare tire carrier, and the weight of your wheel and tire, will not exceed that tongue weight capacity on the hitch. Now, I do want to give you a few measurements. If you'll notice, you'll see that the actual mounting upright does angle back a little bit. I wanted to give you, first, the dimensions from these three pinhole locations to that upright, and then I want to give you the dimension of how much it angles back. Right now, if we go from the very closest pinhole to the upright, from the upright to the center of that pinhole is five and half inches. If you go to the middle hole, from the upright to the center, is seven and a half inches.

If you go from the upright to the center of the farthest hole is nine and a half inches. Basically, those holes center to center are about two inches apart. Now again this does angle back, so if I drop a straight edge down here, right about there you can see that it's about three inches. Try to give you an idea here. It's about three inches. This very top part will be angled back, so just to give you some measurements on that. Now, what I'm going to do is, I want to move this table out of the way, and I'm just going to show you how it installs on to a hitch receiver, so let's just move this table out of the way. Okay.

Then with the table out of the way, we have a display post here. I'm just going to try to show you. There's a two inch receiver opening, so, basically, you would just take your spare tire carrier, slide it into your hitch, line your hitch hole up with the hole on the carrier. Again, there's three choices, so you can put it, this is the furthest one. You can even put it to the closest one. Use whichever works best for you. Then use the clip you already have or lock, whichever you're going to use on that. Then you can see, once you've attached this down, then you'll be ready to go. I have an example here of the wheel. Then you'll just bolt your wheel. You'll line two holes up just like that. The two bottom holes will line up with those horizontal slots, and then you'll line up your bolts and nuts with the top hole in the vertical slot. That's how it'll hold your spare tire on to your vehicle or your trailer. That should do it for the review on part number C31006, the Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier. .

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