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Curt Weight Distribution - Sway Control Only - 17200 Review

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Review of Curt Weight Distribution 17200

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number 17200. This is the Curt Friction Style Sway Control System. Friction style sway control systems are going to bolt onto the trailer frame at one end and hook up to a small hitch ball that mounts to the system head at the other end, which is going to be this little ball right here. By attaching to both the weight distribution system and the trailer frame, the sway control unit can supply proper tension to help keep the trailer in line. It's going to feature an interior bar that telescopes in and out as your trailer moves, so as soon as your trailer begins to move out of line, the friction pads on the inside of the unit make contact with one another, and they're going to create resistance, and that's designed to help reduce any further side to side movement. This system is going to include the sway control unit, the trailer mounted attachment ball. The distance that we have from the center of one hole to the center of the other is going to measure 2-5/16". It is a square design, so that's going to be the same measurement all the way around. It's also going to feature the hitch mounted attachment ball, which is going to be this right here, part number C40093. That is included.

The shank length of the hitch ball, measuring from the base of the platform to the bottom of the shank, or the bolt post, is going to measure 1-7/8". It's going to feature a weld-on tab for left hand use, or for use without weight distribution systems in place, so if you want to attach this to a standard ball mount, that's what this is for right here. You're going to get the hardware, so you're going to get two clips, and you're going to get 8 self tapping screws, as well as a spacer plate. This is going to measure 6" by 3", and it's going to feature the same pattern for that right there, so those holes line up with one another. The spacer plate is completely optional, when it comes to installing it. Basically there's no rhyme or reason when or when not to use it. The only reason why it's included is that way you can achieve proper alignment. So keep that in mind.

You do not have to install that, but if everything does not align correctly, then if you have it installed, you may need to remove it, or if everything is not lining up correctly and you dont have it installed, then you may need to install it to achieve proper alignment. You can use this system on the left or right side of your trailer. All you need to do is pull the inside arm out, flip it over, and then re-insert it. Then you'll need to switch this portion right here. So basically, you just switch the handle with the bolt at the bottom, and it's just going to reverse everything. That way, you can use this on the opposite side of the trailer. The handle that I have in my hand, this is going to be the on/off switch for the unit, and then the bolt under the handle is going to be the tension adjustment.

Please keep in mind that for trailers that exceed 26' in length, you'll want to use two friction sway controls, or a dual cam sway control system. It's a very simple system to operate and to use. This portion right here is going to be screwed in to the trailer frame using some of the self tapping screws. It's going to connect to the socket back here, and then the arm is going to be held in place by inserting a clip through the holes. It'll just slide through like that. That's going to hold the arm on, and then the ball right here is either going to mount to the weight distribution head. If you're not using a weight distribution system, then you would weld this on to your standard ball mount if your ball mount doesn't already have this attached to it.

So you can weld that on. It's going to go through that hole, and then the socket is going to attach right over there, and you'll use the other clip to secure it, just like we did at the rear socket. That's going to do it for today's review of part number 17200. This is the Curt Friction Style Sway Control System. .

Jim H.


Still not sure when to use the aligning plate. What situation would cause you to add it or not add it? An example would have been nice for that.

David B.


I think you are talking about the spacer plate and that is a required item during install. Step 4 of the install instructions states. "Attach the spacer plate and trailer-mounted attachment ball to the trailer frame using the self-tapping screws provided. See Figure 2."

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