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Curt Wiring - Trailer Connectors - 56146KIT Review

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Review of Curt Wiring 56146KIT

Today, we're going to review part number 56146KIT. This is the Curt Upgraded Circuit Protected Power Converter with the wiring kit. This kit will include everything shown here on the table. It includes the circuit protected taillight converter. It is a power converter. It includes the wiring kit, and it'll even include a circuit tester to help you find the correct wires behind your vehicle taillights to connect this all to. This will adapt separate turn and stop lights which are on the vehicle it's usually a 3-wire system to a trailer that usually has a 2-wire system.

This will work with domestic and import vehicles. It'll virtually eliminate any draw on your vehicle taillight circuit. There is no heavy duty flasher required when using this. Now, this converter is battery-powered. You run the wire to your battery.

It is also circuit-protected. It does use the surface mount technology. Now, this will work with vehicles that have LED taillights, and it will work with trailers that have LED taillights. It does include everything shown here on the table. Basically, this converter, you notice it has a length of wire, usually about 58 inches long. Then it has a 4-way on the end of it.

This is what'll run out the back of your vehicle to plug into your trailer, and it will include this dust cover, which you'll be able to just install over there, so when you're not using the 4-way, what you can basically do is just pop this cover on it, and it protects the terminals from any damage and from the elements. It will come with this piece of 2-way tape, or two-face . double-sided tape that you can just put on here to attach your converter to a place so it doesn't move around. Then your wiring, you'll notice, it comes with the 4 quick-splice connectors for connecting your wires, and it comes with some cable ties to take up any slack in your wiring. Basically, this set of wires, it has the red, yellow, brown, and white. You run this to the driver side.

The white would be your ground, so you can use the included ground screw to ground it. The others would be tapped into your circuit, and then you run the green wire over to your passenger side, and that would be tapped into your passenger side taillights. The extra black wire is the power wire that would need to run to your battery to power this converter. The way you would connect that is you take your length of wire right here, and you'll take one of your butt connectors. Attach it to this power wire and then run it to the end of one of this wires here. Then you'll run this length of wire it's about 20 feet of wire they give you run this up to the front towards the battery. You don't want to connect this to the battery directly. What you want to do is put another butt connector on here. Then you'll connect the in-line fuse holder to this. Then on the other end of the in-line fuse holder, you'll take this ring connector and put it on there, and then this would connect to the positive side of your battery. Then before you use your wiring harness, what you want to do is open the in-line fuse holder. Take the included 10 amp fuse. Go ahead and install that into the fuse holder. Put your cap on there, and then you'd be all ready to go. Again, we mentioned it includes the circuit tester. What that's for is when you go to hook up these wires to your wiring harness, you want to use this circuit tester to test it, to make sure you're connecting up the right wires. That should do it for the review on part number 56146KIT. This is the Curt Upgraded Circuit Protected Power Converter with the wiring kit. .