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Review of Custer Tow Bar Wiring - Bypasses Vehicle Wiring - LIW-LDTL-7B

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Custer Tow Bar Wiring - Bypasses Vehicle Wiring - LIW-LDTL-7B Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Custer 23 inch long weatherproof wireless LED tow bar light with the magnetic base for a seven way connection. Now this is a nice weatherproof LED tow light that'll provide stop, tail, side marker and turn functions for your towed trailer or vehicle. When the tail light function is activated, the three LED lights right up here, one on each end and one in the middle will light up and the two side markers, one on each end will light shine also. When the brakes are applied, all the front red lights will brighten. When the turn signal is applied, the red lights have flash on either side depending on which turn signal's activated and these red side marker lights on each end here they'll stay on to keep your tow vehicle street legal.This is a nice wireless design, eliminates the hassle of running cords every time you tow. It uses this 4R radio powered transmitter that'll plug directly into your seven way socket on your vehicle.

And on the light bar itself, right back here, it has a nice covered sealed on and off switch that'll allow you to use the lights as needed, conserving battery power. Does use a rechargeable battery, you charge it with this included 12 volt DC accessory socket. The green LED right here on the back, right by the switch, this'll indicate when the unit is charging.Now the LEDs on this light, these will make great replacements for the incandescent lights, cause they'll last about 50 times longer. They're more efficient, they provide brighter light with less power output and of course there's no bulbs to replace or Bertel filaments that are going to break. The very bottom, they use heavy duty magnets on the base.

Provide a nice secure grip when you attach it, offers up to about 90 pounds of pull and they do put a rubber coating on the magnets to prevent scratches on your vehicle surface.It has a nice weatherproof exterior. So it allows you to keep the light bar on your towed vehicle in all weather conditions. It's a nice durable polyethylene housing, so it won't warp or crack and the lights on the inside are all hardwired to connections or shrink tube. This seven way round blade connector with the transmitter's included. It is a nice, very low profile design, so it allows for easy handling and storage, has a nice handle right here at the top.

It is department of transportation compliant and it is made in the USA. a few dimensions and we're going to hook it up to show you how the lights activate. So the overall length on this bar is going to be right at 23 inches. The height on it from the bottom to the very top is about three inches tall and the total depth on this is going to be right about five inches deep.The magnets themselves, each one, diameter on them are going to be right at three and a half inches. Now it does include 17 LEDs total.

The front bar will have 11 right up here, the turn signal, there's two on each turn signal right here. And then there's one on each side marker on each end. So a total of 17. The cord length on your charge plug is about six feet. So again, what we're going to do is take this wireless seven way and make our connections so I can show you how it operates.So we'll go ahead and hook the lights up. Let me first go ahead and turn on the switch and it'll flash to let you know that the battery has charged and it stays on and we'll make our connections.And then so once we get our connections made, I'm going to go ahead and turn on the power and you can see with the power on, there's going to be your . Go ahead and turn off the lights. You can see the three bulbs in front and the two side marker ones. That's your tail light function. So then if we do our turn signals, you can see set up like this. There would be a right turn. And if we do our left turn. And let me do our break function, I'll show you how bright it gets. And you can see when you hit your brakes, they all light up on front and they're brighter. That's a very nice light bar to have on your vehicle. Go ahead and turn back on our overhead lights. Turn off our power. But that should do it for the review on the Custer 23 inch long weatherproof wireless LED tow bar light with the magnetic base for a seven way connection.

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