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Darby Hitch Cargo Carrier - Load Extender - DTA944 Review

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Review of Darby Hitch Cargo Carrier DTA944

Today we're going to review part number DTA944. This is the Darby extended truck hitch mounted load extender for your roof or your truck bed. This part will mount to existing two inch trailer hitch receiver. The adjustable design of this will allow for use with different size vehicles. It extends for use with roof rack or a truck bed loads. This part is constructed of a heavy powder coated steel for durability,.

It installs and removes in seconds and it secures with a standard pin and clip. The top part here is 4 foot wide to support and secure the load. Again this does work on a two inch by two inch trailer hitch. I have an example here of it inserted into a two inch trailer hitch. It does have a 350 pound load capacity.

It does include the pins to secure the extend a truck. Another part that is included is this red safety flag to alert drivers of your extended load. Now I have it installed in for a roof load. Basically it will extend out from your hitch pin hole 9 1/2 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole when used as a roof rack extension. The vertical adjustment, I have it at the lowest setting right now, which is 53 3/8 inches.

If you take the pin out and want to raise it the very top highest position would make it 60 3/8 inches. Now what Im also going to do is show you how to convert this for a truck bed load. Basically you can just take this top part and we'll sit this down and then you'll want to remove the pin and clip that holds it in. slide it out of the two inch receiver. Now you turn the long part and stick it in there.

Then we'll put the pin and clip back in. that's bringing it down to your truck bed height. Then you'll be able to insert this into the, for a truck bed. Now that will extend it out from your hitch pin hole 49 inches horizontally for hauling with your truck bed. It will also have the adjustments like we mentioned the other way. The lowest it would measure at 13 3/8 inches. The highest will be 20 3/8 inches for bed height. That should do it for review on part number DTA944.