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DeeZee Truck Toolbox - Chest Toolbox - DZ6535P Review

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Review of DeeZee Toolbox DZ6535P

Today, we're going to be reviewing part number DZ6535P. This is the DZ specialty series storage box. It's going to offer about 3.6 cubic feet of space on the inside. It's made from a durable poly-plastic construction with a nice black plastic. It's got the rectangular design to it so it kind of symbolizes a tool chest design. The storage box is very durable and very rigid. It's got a nice sturdy durable design to it.

The rigid toolbox frame is going to resist warping. It is going to feature a double-walled lid, so it's going to be very strong even under pressure. I like that because you can actually use the top as a work space or rest some heavier items on it, and you don't have to worry about it crushing the walls. You've got 2 recessed portions here up top as well as 2 cup holders. The cup holders are going to give us an opening diameter of 3-1/2" that does taper as the hole gets a little bit deeper. At the base, it's going to give us a diameter of 3".

The recessed portion at the widest point is going to give us a width of about 9-3/4". At the narrowest point is going to give us a width of about 3-7/8". It is going to give us an overall depth of about 11-3/4". These 2 are going to be identical and plenty of space to work with if you need to store some smaller items in there out on your work site or in your garage. The overall length is going to measure about 35".

The overall depth is going to measure about 14", and it's going to give us an overall height of about 13". It's got the tabs here up front that way the lid can be locked. Locks are going to be sold separately, and you can find those right here at We're going to recommend part number 37DAT. The versatile toolbox can really sit anywhere that you have room to put it, whether it's in your truck bed, on your trailer, or in your garage or RV or wherever you need some storage space. Here on the inside, see that we've got plenty of space to work with. Again, it's going to offer about 3.6 cubic feet of storage space.

It's going to feature a raised lip that goes around the perimeter of the opening. Thats going to help keep out the elements from harming or damaging anything inside the box. Also here around the perimeter of the inside of the lid, you've got a nice foam sealer. That's going to add a little bit of cushion, that way when you have some heavier items on there, that foam is going to absorb some of that impact. It's also going to protect the elements from being able to get inside your box. On the sides, it's going to feature an easy grip and easy to use handle. Again, it's going to have that tread design, which is the same design that's here up top. It's going to allow you to get a good grip. That's going to be located on each side so you can easily lift the box or drag it out of your truck bed and get it to where you need it be. The opening size that we have . We're going to take a measurement of that real quick. It's going to give us an overall length of about 31-3/4" x 10-1/4". You've got plenty of space when it comes to the opening that way you can load some larger items inside of your box. That's going to do it for our review of part number DZ6535P. .

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