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Review of Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Standard Coupler - DM16680-52

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Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Standard Coupler - DM16680-52 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Demco 50 degree A-frame trailer coupler. This is going to be a nice built in system for replacing your coupler on your trailer, on your A-frame trailer. So I say built in because it has a couple features already in the actual coupler itself. We'll have a hole here so we can allow our two and a quarter inch diameter jack to fit down in there so we can get that replaced.

And there's also going to be the built-in attachment points for our safety chains.So it's pretty nice and all put together there. So it's going to make replacing that coupler that much easier. The other nice thing about this particular coupler is that it has the easy latch system. So this fits a two and five 16 inch ball. And I'll just show you how that works.

A lot of times, well really with most couplers out there and the latch, you have to open this up into the unlocked position to couple with that hitch ball. But with this one, you just let that ball or the coupler fall onto the hitch ball and it'll snap right into place. So you don't have to open anything up to get that put together and then to open it up it's just as easy as lifting up on that latch and releasing it. So a really nice, easy to use mechanism there.And then as far as a locking mechanism, we'll have this hole going through the coupler itself so you can put a lock through that. You will need to have a minimum span of three inches to work with this.

And that is going to have a lock pin hole or the diameter of this pin hole is going to be five 16th of an inch. So pretty big lock to go through there to get that secured.It does have a nice powder coat finish to resist any rust or corrosion made of sturdy steel. So we should have a long-lasting coupler from this. It does have a 500 hour salt spray rating. So it'll also work out well for your boat trailers in any marine application.

The safety chains down at the bottom can connect. There are these two plates here, so just fits with any hardware that'll fit through there. And then again, our diameter for that jack is going to be two and a quarter inch. Our angle here is going to be 50 degrees. The overall length of our coupler from the front to the back is going to be 17 and five eighth inches. Put a ruler to that so you actually see that. So 17 and five eighths. And this does have a weight capacity of 21,000 pounds.That's pretty much going to do it for our look at the Demco 50 degree A-frame trailer coupler with jack hole and anchors. I hope this video has been helpful to determining if this going to be the right coupler for you. If not, we do have a lot of applications available here at to get that coupler replaced on your trailer. Thanks for watching. And we'll see you next time.

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