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Review of Demco Fifth Wheel Hitch - Sliding Fifth Wheel - DM8550034

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Demco Fifth Wheel Hitch - Sliding Fifth Wheel - DM8550034 Review

Jeff: Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're going to take a look at this Demco Hijacker. It's an above bed mount autoslide fifth wheel trailer hitch with a slider. Has an 18,000 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now this fifth wheel hitch is designed to mount in the bed of your short bed truck so that you can tow your fifth wheel trailer. This Hijacker Autoslide Hitch, it is designed to fit universal above bed base rails.

We do sell those separately on our website. Basically, when you get this hitch, it'll come all preassembled just like this for an easy installation. All you have to do is bolt on these side plates, one on each side, and then attach the head to the hitch base and you're all ready to go.Now I wanted to talk about the side plates. You can see the side plates right here. They have two functions.

There's one on each side. They'll contain the feet that'll fit into the above bed base rails in your truck bed. And they'll also allow you to raise or lower the hitch head to better match your pin box height. Basically they have three rows of holes on it. So depending on how you bolt it to the hitch, it'll give you a range of 15-1/4 inches, 16-1/2 inches and 18 inch hitch height.

And the hitch height is always measured from the truck bed to the top of the hitch head. And you want that to be as close as possible so your fifth wheel will be the level with your vehicle towing it.So basically what you do is after you decide which hitch height you need, then you just simply bolt the side plates to the hitch base with the included hardware. And then you just lower the hitch into the base rails in your truck bed. And then you use these included pins and clips right here to secure it into place. Now this is an automatic slider, so it'll provide clearance required for your short bed pickup to turn safely at slow speeds.

No more having to get in and out of the truck to operate a manual slider. This one will automatically slide for you, has a rotating hitch head that'll turn up to 90 degrees with your trailer. And that rotation will create the force that activates the automatic slider.Now you do need the weight on this to activate it. I don't have enough weight here, but just to let you know what happens is basically is this head will slide toward the tailgate when you turn and then it will come back towards the cab when you straighten out. So it automatically will rotate when you need it. The travel range is 14 inches front to back, and it does use a nice roller and guide assembly, which will create a smooth controlled movement of the hitch head. It is designed to fit standard pin boxes from 12 inches to 14 inches wide. Has these built in brackets here that'll stabilize your pin box so the King pin won't rotate in the hitch. There's no need for a separate capture plate for a standard non-cushion pin box.Now it does require locking plates, which we do sell separately. They are required for use if you're using the cushion pin boxes, like the Glide Ride, the More Ride, the Trail Air Tri-Glide, the Trailer Flexair, the Rotaflex and the Fifth Airborne.Now on the head itself, it does use the nice wrap around single piece jaw, provides a secure connection, 360 degree jaw to King pin contact, gives you less rattle, more security than the slide bar jaws. If you notice on this one, has this large 3/4 inch thick solid steel locking bar, and that's to reinforce the connection of your coupled trailer. It'll automatically lock into place when the jaw closes. And I'm going to show you how this jaw operates. At the end of the video, we're going to demonstrate with a King pin, slide it in there and how it works.Now it does use a double pivot hitch head you can see here, it eases hook-up, helps limit chucking. It'll pivot front to back and side to side. And underneath on it, it does have cushioning polyurethane dampeners to help reduce noise and absorb any road shock. The handle right over here uses a nice spring loaded handle, has a nice comfort grip, allows for simple coupling. Has this tethered safety pin here that you just unhook it, pull it out and then you're ready to operate it. And then when you're done, you just drop it back through there and clip it and that'll secure it into place. And what's nice because it's tethered, you won't lose it by taking it out and setting it somewhere and it falls off.This is a nice sturdy steel construction. Has a rust resistant black powder coat finish on it. And it is a very simple installation. Just use the base rails and installation kit, which we do sell separately. And this is compatible with the BMW, the Curt, the Demco, the Draw-Tite, Husky and the Reese above bed base rails.Now one note I do want to mention is this cannot be used with rails that are part of a gooseneck adapter plate. The base rails that this goes in must be securely bolted to your truck. And this hitch is made in the USA. Specs again, it's designed for use on 6-1/2 inch truck beds, gross towing weight capacity is 18,000 pounds. And the vertical load limit is 4,500 pounds. And as I mentioned, the last thing I want to do is just show you how this hooks up.Here's an example of what a King pin would look like on your fifth wheel. So again, what you'll do is just take your tethered pin and clip, pull that out and then just grab your handle. And then you pull it out all the way. It'll automatically lock in the open position and you can see your jaws are open, ready for the King pin. And then when you go to back up and start to connect, your King pin will slide into the jaws. And once it gets far enough, you can see it'll automatically wrap around. And then that large bar here, this solid steel bar will slide across and lock it and keep it securely in place. Then all you have to do is take your pin and your clip, drop it back through the hole, clip it, and you've secured it into place. And then when you're ready to unhook, just do the reverse, unpin it, pull the handle out and that'll automatically come out.But that should do it for the review on the Demco Hijacker above bed mount autoslide fifth wheel trailer hitch with the slider. And it has an 18,000 pound gross towing weight capacity.

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