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Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler - Standard Coupler - DM14793-81 Review

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Review of Demco Trailer Coupler DM14793-81

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number DM14793-81. This is the Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler for 2" trailer hitch balls. The A-Frame Coupler is made of a sturdy steel construction. It's going to have a durable black powder coat finish, so it's going to offer excellent corrosion resistance. It's going to feature the eZ-Latch mechanism, so it's going to ensure a fast, easy, secure hook-up and disconnect. It's going to include the cutout for your 2 1/4" round trailer jack as well as the cutout for those mounting locations. The A-Frame Coupler is going to let you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle, it's going to provide your connection point for your 2" hitch ball, and it's going to have the eZ-Latch mechanism.

It's got a nice corrosion-proof, composite, latch handle, very strong and very durable with a nice contour there over the front of the coupler. Gives it a nice, clean, sleek look. This is going to let you hook up when the latch is in a closed position. The eZ-Latch design is great to have. All you have to do is drop the coupler over the hitch ball, the latch is going to automatically snap into place, so there's no need to have the latch mechanism open. You can though if you want because it's going to allow you to connect either way, but the beauty of this system is you can connect to your hitch ball with the latch in the closed position. Disengaging the coupler is just as simple.

All you have to do is lift up on the contoured handle. Nice, smooth, seamless operation. It's going to allow the coupler socket to automatically release and disengage the grip on your 2" hitch ball. Again, this is made from a heavy duty, steel construction, black powder coat finish. It is a bolt-on installation, so on each side you're going to have three mounting holes. These are going to feature a diameter of 1/2".

If we take a measure of the amount of separation we have between each hole, it looks like that all the way down the line they're going to be separated on 3" centers. This is designed for 50 degree a-frame trailers. The opening here at the back measuring from inside edge to inside edge, that's going to give us a measurement of about 10 3/4". This is designed for 2" trailer hitch balls. If we take a measurement of the overall length, measuring from the very front to the very back, that's going to give us a measurement of about 17 5/8" long. The jack mounting holes, that's going to have a separation, center on center, that's going to be our standard pattern of 3 1/4".

This coupler's going to have a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds. The last thing I want to point out is that here, towards the front of the coupler, you're going to notice a hole located on each side. These holes are going to have a diameter of 5/16" and they're strictly there for theft prevention. Those holes are going to allow you to insert a coupler pin and lock system. With it installed, it's going to prevent the handle from being able to come up, which is also going to prevent this unit from being able to connect to a trailer. Or if you install the coupler pin and lock after it's already connected to the trailer, it's going to prevent it from being able to disconnect. If your trailer's unattended and you want to make sure nobody else comes up to your trailer and hooks up to it, just place on there some type of lock, whether it's a coupler pin and lock, or whether it's a socket lock. Again, it's all about theft prevention. If you have this installed on your tow vehicle on your 2" hitch ball, going to install a coupler pin and lock, that's going to ensure that nobody disconnects your trailer from your vehicle and connects it to theirs. It's also going to act as a backup safety to make sure that the coupler doesn't disengage from the connection point. If you don't have any type of lock, we offer a couple different styles of pin and lock systems that will work with this coupler, as well as some socket locks that will work to fit on the inside of the socket mechanism when the trailer's not connected to your hitch ball. That's going to do it for our review of part number DM14793-81. This is the Demco A-Frame Trailer Coupler for 2" hitch balls. .

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