Demco Brake Actuator - Surge Brake Actuator - DM8608601 Review

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Review of Demco Trailer Coupler DM8608601

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number DM8608601. This is a Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator for a 2 inch hitch ball. The hydraulic actuator is going to activate your trailer's brakes when the tow vehicle slows or stops. We're just going to go over a few features of this unit real quick. Right up here upfront it's going to have the easy latch coupler mechanism for simple secure hook up and disconnect. This unit is going to let you up hook up when the latch is actually in a closed position, so you never really have to have to open it up to connect it to your hitch ball. All you have to do is line up the coupler directly over the hitch ball, drop the coupler over the ball, and the latch is going to snap in place automatically. It's also going to have a nice little quarter inch hole right here to install a coupler pin or a pin and lock.

If we take a measurement of the outside brackets, here, you need to make sure that coupler pin or coupler lock has a span of about 1 and one eighth of an inch. The unit has a zinc plating that's going to offer corrosion resistance. It is tested with a 200 hour salt spray rating. I'm going to flip it over so you can see the master cylinder. It's a composite master cylinder, so it's going to be durable and efficient. It's going not feature the glass reinforced nylon construction that's designed to resist rust and corrosion. It's also going to feature the nice large reservoir.

Reservoir cap is going to be here at the top. That's going to have increased capacity for brake fluid. To gain access into that reservoir, all you have to do is unthread the cap, and then it has a nice large hole there to get your brake fluid in, change it if necessary. It's got a large reservoir. It's got the automotive style cap that's going to create completely enclosed system that's going to help prevent contamination of the fluid. This unit features large rear rollers that's going to allow for easy movement and smooth operation.

You can see back here it's going to have this little cap. That's going to be where you're going to connect the trailer brakes, the trailer brake line from the trailer. Here's going to be the large rollers, that I just talked about. The brake away kit is included. That's going to be this cable and this hook here. The hook's going to secure it to the vehicle that's towing.

It's got the snap hook. It's going to ensure a secure connection to the brake away lever. It's going to make sure it doesn't come disengaged. The unit is made from a heavy duty steel construction with a sturdy reinforced outer casing. This is a bolt on installation. It's going to require a half inch by 4 and a half inch grade 5 bolts. Those are not included. That's for mounting this on to a 3 inch straight trailer tow. This is designed for trailers with hydraulic drum brakes. It's going to have a ball size 2 inch. Gross towing weight is 8600 pounds with a maximum towing weight of 860 pounds. It is designed for the straight trailer tow, 3 inch wide. This unit is going to be model number DA86. A specific note that we want to include is because this actuator does not include a reverse lock out, it is going to be recommended that you equip your trailer with free backing brakes so that you can drive in reverse without the actuator triggering your trailer's brake system. One last measurement. I just want to give you a measurement of the overall length from end to end. That's going to give us a measurement of 21 and a half inches. That's going to do it for today's review of part number DM8608601. This is the Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator for a 2 inch hitch ball. .

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