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Review of Derale Transmission Coolers D12901

Today, we're going to take a Derale Dyno-Cool Tube-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit. This part will improve functioning and overall performance of your transmission. The fluid will cool as it travels through this core by transferring the heat out to the fins. Then the fins will provide the nice surface area necessary for this sufficient heat exchange to take place. It allows the heat to be pulled from the fluid to dissipate into the air. It's a very quick, easy, and effective way to cool your transmission.

This will extend the life of your transmission and it prolongs periods between necessary fluid changes. It does also cut down on heat related failures. The other nice thing on the inside of these tubes, they actually have built in embossed turbulators. What does that is as the fluid goes through the tubes, it'll agitate that fluid for more efficient cooling. This is constructed of a durable light-weight aluminum. It has a thermal conductive metal to provide excellent transfer of heat.

This part includes everything shown here on the table. Includes the cooler itself, the high temperature OEM spec hose with the stainless-steel clamps, the nylon mounting rods, the nice set of detailed instructions on how to install it, and then the critical thing is this Insta-Dapt radiator adapter. What's nice about this, this will adapt your transmission line so that you connect your radiator to your transmission cooler quickly and easily. There's no cutting or flaring of lines. It will fit almost any vehicle with 5/16 inch diameter transmission lines.

As you can see, it does include male and female threads on it. A few specs on this. The inlets right here, inlet and outlet, the distance between them is going to be center to center right at 3 3/4 of an inch. The size is a 11/32 of an inch diameter hose bar. The hose length of this hose right here is 48 inches. Then, the overall, we're going to measure from the end to the very end.

It's going to be right at 13 inches. The height on it, top to bottom is right at 5 inches. The depth of the whole cooler is about 3/4 of an inch. The cooler itself, just to measure that, the width on that is going to be right at about 9 3/4 inches. That should do it for the review on the Derale Dyno-Cool Tube-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit. .

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