Review of Derale Transmission Coolers - Plate-Fin Cooler - D33501

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Derale Transmission Coolers - Plate-Fin Cooler - D33501 Review

Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here Today we're taking a look at the Durelli series, 8,000 Plate-Fin transmission cooler with Barb inlets. So this is going to help to prolong the life of your transmission, especially if you're going to be out on the road in the summer months, maybe towing something behind your mid-sized truck or SUV and you're putting your vehicle under some strain. So this is going to help to keep your transmission fluid cool so you don't have to worry about any heat related failures. We'll have the plates and then all the fins to help create more surface area to cool that liquid down.

So we don't have to worry about anything getting overheated. This is going to be a relatively small cooler.We'll go over the men dimensions in a minute, but it does have a construction of a furnace brazed aluminum. So we don't have to worry about this rusting or corroding. It also has great heat dissipation. Aluminum is really good at getting rid of heat, so it'll be a good option for our transmission cooler.It does have three quarter inch wide plates, so again, it's creating a lot of surface area for that fluid to get cooled down by.

Now, as far as the overall length from outside edge to outside edge, it's right at 11 inches. So, I'll put my ruler in front there, and you can see that for yourself. It's right at 11 inches, the distance between our two Barb fittings center to center is 10 and a quarter inches, 10 and a quarter there. And then the overall length of that fitting from the top to the bottom of our radiator is about five and a half inches. From the top to the center of our attachment point it's about five and three quarters inches.

Overall, it's about six inches long. So that's the total length here from the top of the inlet or top of the barb fitting to the bottom of our mounting flange. The thickness for our tubes there, it's about three quarters or seven eighths of an inch. The plates are three quarters. The distance from our mounting holes, side to side looking around is going to be the same for the top and the bottom.

So the two outermost holes, those measure six and three quarter inches apart, center to center. And then our two narrow ones are going to be five and a half inches apart center to center. Top to bottom center to center, they'll be four and a half inches.It does come with a one-year warranty and it is recommended for vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight of 15,500 pounds. Our inlet size is going to be 11/32 of an inch hose Barb. And that's going to do it for our look at the Durelli series, 8,000 plate fin transmission cooler with Barb inlets.

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