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Derale Transmission Coolers - Remote Cooler - D13740 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at a Derale hyper cool remote cooler assembly with fans. This helps your vehicle to work at optimum performance by keeping your engine or your transmission cool, even when you're towing a heavy load or encountering high temperatures while you're out on the road. We'll not only have our cooling system on the bottom here, this stacked plate design, but we'll also have our fans, so that's going to give us an optimized cooling system to make it super efficient in getting everything cooled down and working properly. Our surface here is a stacked plate design, so we'll have the plates that our fluid goes through, and then the little thins going in between so that it creates a large surface area for all that heat to dissipate out. And then with the fans, in addition to that, it's going to pull the air through and get everything cooled down really quickly. This can mount just about anywhere with the brackets that are part of the housing.

We'll have our flange on either side to get that mounted up.It does not come with the hardware so you will have to pick up some hardware on your own to get that mounted up properly. The shroud is made of an anodized aluminum so we don't have to worry about that rusting out over time. It's going to stay secure and stable. It does come completely assembled. We'll have our aluminum AM fittings and the hose barb adapters with an O ring on either one of those.

We don't have to worry about any thread sealant. Just thread those in place, and get them nice and snug and they should be ready to go. You will want to pick up some hose to go with this. And that length will depend on your application, but we do have some options available here for that transmission hose to go with this if you want to pick that up. The inlets are a minus six and the adapters have a three eighths inch hose barb.

Three eighths inch diameter. Measures about three quarters of an inch long. And then we'll have a three quarter of an inch O ring.That's the little ring it will have at the top of the threads there. Hold that back. And it has a little shoulder to sit on to make sure that it has a nice firm seal.

Our unit measures 13 inches wide and then about six inches wide at the bracket here. With our fittings coming off, it's about seven inches. And then with the flanges on either side, so it's widest width is about eight inches. The distance between our mounting holes is seven inches, center to center. And then going the other direction, it's seven and a half inches center to center. The height from the bottom to the top of our fans is about five and a half inches. Our wiring will come off of each of the fans. We'll just have a power and ground connection to make there. That wiring is jacketed to give it a little bit more protection. Again, it doesn't come with any kind of butt connectors to go with that, so you will want to pick some up. Especially if this is going to be mounted outside, you'll want to use something that's going to keep that electrical connection safe.So a heat shrink butt connector would be a good option. And again, we have a lot of those available here at The distance between our inlets, center to center is 10 inches. This comes with a one year warranty from Derale, and it is a made in USA product. That's going to do it for our look at the Derale hyper cool remote cooler assembly with fans.

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