Review of Derale Transmission Coolers - Tube-Fin Cooler - D13204

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Derale Transmission Coolers - Tube-Fin Cooler - D13204 Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at we're taking a look at the Derale Series 7000 Tube-Fin Transmission Cooler. If you're towing with a mid-sized vehicle, maybe a small to mid-size SUV, a mid-sized truck, and you're maybe pushing it to the limit, you might know that your transmission is getting a little maxed out. So to combat any of those issues, to reduce our heat or our risk of heat related issues, it's a good idea to get a transmission cooler. That way, you're able to dissipate that heat that's building up in your transmission. It's going to help your transmission to go further for longer, and keep everything nice and cool inside.So the way that happens, is it's going to pull that transmission fluid and go through these tubes.

These are going to be a copper construction. Copper's really good at drawing and conducting heat, so it's going to conduct that heat into the fins, which are aluminum. Aluminum is great for dissipating heat or getting rid of it. So that's going to pull it through those fins, let that heat radiate out and draw that heat out of the fluid itself. It does have turbulators, so it's going to agitate that fluid to make sure that it keeps going all the way through and back into your system, so it's constantly moving.

It's not going to get clogged up. You won't have to worry about any pressure drops and things like that.This is going to be a Class IV transmission cooler. The way that they classify them kind of is the same way that they classify a trailer hitch. So they'll have your Class I, II, III, IV, which is where this guy is at. It's a pretty decent-sized transmission cooler, meant to be used for part-time towing, so not something that you would be using all the time.

If your job is to tow things down the road, you'd probably want to go for a plate and fin or one of the more efficient transmission coolers. As you get up in those better efficiencies, they get a little bit smaller, so they're easier to fit into your engine bay. But with that as well, the more surface area you have to dissipate that heat, the better.This is kind of the middle of the range. It's not the worst that you can get, and it's not the highest end. It's going to be pretty efficient to get that heat dissipated out and still allow you to tow with your trailer, your camper, and enjoy your adventure and your vacation, without having to worry about your engine failing on you or your transmission crapping out.

It's there to help. Of course, you never want to exceed the recommended weight limit for your particular vehicle. You want to go off of the manufacturer's recommended weights with that.But as far as what comes with our kit, we can take a little closer look. We have our transmission cooler itself. We'll also have some adjustable brackets to help us get this in place. These are pretty malleable. You can bend them to fit, and mount that up anywhere you can fit this in. The further out you can get this away from your radiator, the better. You basically want this to get as much air flow as possible. There's a chart that we have, position A is going to be the most efficient, which is in front of that radiator, behind it is going to be the next best, and then behind your radiator fan is going to be third best. So kind of depends on the clearances involved.We'll also get these little push rods that go through the fins to keep this in place. Kind of works like a zip tie, has this little button to go on the other side to create the connection. You push that all the way on until you get it to wrap around wherever you're trying to mount it, and then the little foam feet to help give it a little bit more purchase. We'll also get some tubing. This is going to be a high-temperature OEM spec hose with the stainless steel clamps. So we can put those around our barb fittings on those tubes, to make sure that everything is sealed up nice and tight.You'll also get a Insta-dapt radiator adapter. This is going to fit most of your vehicles that have a 5/16" transmission line. But it might not work for everybody. so in some cases you might need an additional fitting or an alteration of your OEM line or hoses to get it fully installed. We'll also have eight screws, self-tapping screws, to help us mount up those adjustable brackets.As far as the size of the cooler itself, from outside edge to outside edge, it measures 16-5/8" wide. It's 10-1/4" tall, and 3/4" thick. If we just go to the housing itself, it's 13-3/4" for this core, so not counting those tubes coming out the sides. Our inlets here are both going to be a 11/32 hose barb, and the distance between those is 8-3/4".This has a one-year warranty from Derale. It is made in the USA. And again, recommended for any kind of full-sized cars, your medium-sized trucks and SUVs that you're going to be towing with part-time.So I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right transmission cooler for you. Again, it's going to help to extend the life of your transmission, make it a little bit easier on your vehicle as you're pushing it, with taking your adventure out on the road. But if you decide that you want to go with a different one, we do have a lot of options here at, so I encourage you to check those out and find the one that's best going to suit your needs. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you next time.

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