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Review of Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 8327872

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Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 8327872 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with 4" Drop and E-Z Lube Spindles.Now, this is going to help us to either replace our bent, broken, or damaged axle on our trailer or help us to fabricate a new trailer for whatever application we might want to use it for. Of course, our axle beam is kind of the basis or the foundation for our suspension on our trailer. It's going to connect everything together and help us to get down the road safely.The main specs with this, it is going to be a 7,000 pound axle, so that's the total weight capacity that this can handle. And it's going to have a length of 94" going from hub face to hub face, or if you want to go from spring center to spring center, that's going to be 78-1/4".

That's going to be the spring center down here, which is an underslung design, meaning it's welded to the bottom of the axle. That's the place where we attach our leaf springs for our suspension, and having that underslung design means that we bring our deck height just a little bit lower, which helps us to load and unload things from our trailer. If you think of your trailer and then the ramp on the back, if it's really high, that ramp is going at a steeper angle. If we drop that down, our ramp comes down and it makes these things easier to roll up on it, so that's the advantage there.You might notice that there's a slight bend to the axle. That's going to accommodate for the weight that we put on top of our trailer to hold everything together and that gives us a zero camber, so whenever our wheels are on the road they're going to be straight and perfectly perpendicular to the road so they're not going to be tilted in or out.

They're going to give us a good straight line pull, a good straight line acceleration, and that also helps to keep our tire treads wearing the same all across the width of that tire.Now as far as the ends of our axle, we'll have a five bolt pattern for our brakes to mount onto. You might notice that there are these caps here. This is just how they come in transit, so that helps to keep everything kind of lubed up and prevent it from rusting over time. You don't need these for the install, it's just a packing material. But here you'll see our E-Z Lube Spindles, so we'll have that grease zerk on the end.

You can do the easing maintenance of putting a grease gun on there, pumping it up full of grease to keep all the bearings and everything inside lubed up and working properly.Of course, whenever you first install this and you put those bearings into your hubs and drums, you want to make sure that you pack those full of grease, and it's best to do it by hand to make sure that there are no voids in there, that we get grease completely into those bearings. But once they're packed and everything's rolling, just to do that periodical maintenance. That grease zerk is going to make things a lot easier. It also comes with a little keeper, the nut, and the D washer to put on the end of the axillary to keep everything in place.Put that back on there and you'll also notice we'll have that 4" drop. Again, that's going to kind of give us the same benefit that I mentioned with the underslung design.

By having that drop, we again lower down that deck plate to have an easier time loading things on and off of our trailer. It's going to have a drop of 4", so that's going from the center of the axle down to that spring seat there.The spindles, the spring seats, and the brake flanges are all welded into place. It's made of a high strength steel construction with that black powder-coat finish. It's made in the USA. As far as our other specs for this, again, weight capacity is 7,000 pounds. Our length from hub face to hub face is 94" or from spring center to spring center, 78-1/4". Spindle drop is 4". The outer tubing diameter is going to be 3". The bearings that you'll need for this, which are sold separately, the inner bearing, you'll need number 25580. For the outer bearing, you'll need 14125A. You can find both of those right here at, along with the hubs, brakes, drums, everything else that you need to get this installed.Again, that brake flange configuration is going to be a five bolt and it does come with a five-year limited warranty and it is made in the USA.But that's going to do it for our look at the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with 4" Drop and E-Z Lube Spindles.

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