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Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 20545I-EZ-72-15 Review

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Review of Dexter Trailer Axles 20545I-EZ-72-15

Today we're going to review part number 20545I-EZ-72-15. This is the Dexter Trailer Axle with the straight easy EZ spindles and the 5 on 4 1/2 Idler hubs. Now, this axle is 72 inches long. Has a 2,200 pound weight capacity. Now, this axle being will act as part of your trailer suspension system. You can use this to replace an axle on your trailer or to fabricate a suspension to fit your application. This is an Idler axle.

That means, there's no break mounting flanges installed on it. It is made of a high strength steel. Now, when we do ship this, we include the spindle knot, the D washer and the knot retainer one on each side. Also when we ship it, we actually need to show you how to protect it. We just don't ship it like that.

We would actually, the machined area. We would cover with grease and then wrap it to protect it. Then, we use this very strong sturdy card board tube. Now, we just slide over it and then we wrap it completely to protect both ends. One of these on each end.

Now, it does also come with these cast idler iron hubs. These are very sturdy and durable. Comes with all the parts pictured here on top of the table. Basically, it will come with the bearings. Now, for this part number, the bearing part number sizes is the same for in and outer. It would be two inter bearings, two outer bearings .

The races that the bearings would ride in or actually pre-installed in the hubs itself. You can see the outer races right there. The inner races right there on both these. Also comes with the two double up grease seals. Comes with two easy lube grease-caps and the reason I call this easy-lube caps is because they would have instead of the standard dome cap, they come with this that has a removable rubber plug on them. The reason they have that is you can pull it out and access the grease zerk fitting on the easy lube spindle. It also come with 10 of the half inch log nuts. The last thing that we send method is the marine-grade wheel bearing grease, a 14 ounce tube. Basically, this is used to grease the easy lube axles. Now, this does require a grease gun that will handle a 14 ounce tube. If you do not happen to have one of those, we also sell a grease gun as a related part on this product page. It's part number L30200. Then you put the tube in there to grease your axle. Now, this is a straight easy lube spindle. There's no drop to it. Now, on an easy lube spindle, they have a built-in grease to zerk fitting on the very end for simple lubrication. Basically, what's nice about the easy lube axle is you can install your bearings, your hub all together and then pump the grease into this fitting, pump it in there, it goes through the center, comes out onto the hole right here and will fill up the cavity and grease and lubes the bearings and everything. Once it's all installed, you can pump the grease into it. Then, if you need to grease some later on, it's just a matter if you don't have to disassemble the whole hub. Take the bearings out and you can just pump grease in through that fitting on the very end, very simple lubrication system. Also, I have actually, you might notice we have a bend near the center of the axle. They are manufactured that way to help create a certain camber angle. Basically having the center ride a bit higher and the sides lower. Allows this axle to give just enough to compensate for the load of the trailer. Basically, when you load down your trailer, they will push down on that and sort of even that axle out all the way across. Now, this will give you the correct angle of the wheels for your towing needs and allows your trailer tires to run along the pavement evenly and yet full contact across the width of the tread of the tire. The result is, you get excellent straight line acceleration for steady and line tracking. Now, this axle also has the spring seats welded underneath on the other side of the axle for mounting the lease springs to. This will be considered a under slung design axle which means they're underneath. So basically, that will give you a low ride height. Makes it easier to load and unload your trailer. Now, the spring seats and the spindles itself so both welded on to the axle. Now, on the axle, there are many ways you can measure the length of an axle beam. We're going to talk about the two most accurate ways which are the hub face to hub face and spring center to spring center lengths. Basically, hub face to hub face will gives you the measurement of what we claim this. The axle measurement, the length of the axle is really the hub face to hub face. Once these hubs are installed one on each end. If you measure from the base of one wheel stud on the hub go all the way to the other side and measure to the base of this wheel stud on the other one. That will get you your hub face to hub face measurement. Just to give you an idea, I don't have the hubs on but just to give you an idea where they would be on this axle. Would give you a overall length of 72 inches hub face to hub face. The other accurate measurement is spring center to spring center which is the center of the spring seat over here. Over to the spring seat on that end. That roughly gives you the width of your trailer. This one will be 58 inches. Basically, if you are replacing your trailer's axle, you should be able to figure out which axle you need by using these measurements using your trailer's weight capacity. The bolt pattern of your wheels on the trailer and any brake type if breaks are being used on it. To go over the specs on this part again, the weight capacity on this axle is 2,200 pounds. The hub face to hub face length is 72 inches. The spring center to spring center length is 58 inches. Now, the tubing outer diameter on this axle is one and three quarter inches. Spindle size diameter is one and one sixteenth. Now, on the idler hubs, the hub bolt pattern is 5 logs, 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern. Uses half inch diameter wheel studs. Use the half inch log knots that are included that holds your wheel assembly to here. Because of the hub flange diameter which is the width or the diameter of this hub flanger 6 1/2 inches. It is required that this will fit the wheel size of 13 inches to 15 inches. That should do it for the review on part number 20545I-EZ-72-15 the Dexter Trailer Axle with the straight EZ lube spindles and the 5 on 4 1/2 Idler hubs. .

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