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Dexter Axle Trailer Hubs and Drums - Hub - 34822BX Review

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Review of Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums 34822BX

Today we're going to review part number 34822BX this is a Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly with a 4 on 4 bolt pattern for 2000-lb axles. This trailer hub assembly will include four of the 1/2-inch cone seat lug nuts. It will include the inner and outer bearing which will be the same part number that is L44643. It will include the grease cap and the grease seal which is part number 34823. Now the bearing races will also be included and they are already installed into the hub assembly. Here is the outer bearing race right there and if we go to the back you'll see the inner bearing race right in there.

Most all our hub assemblies will come pre installed with the bearing races. Now this application will fit on the 2000-lb axles. Now there is a note you want to make sure that some axles that are rated at 2000 lbs will require a different seal and bearing. Be sure that the bearings in the hub that you're replacing have the L44643 stamped on them. If it does use a bearing that will have L44649 stamped on them then you will need to use a totally different trailer hub which would be the part number 8-91-05UC1.

The capacity on this hub assembly is 1250 lbs. So if you use this or pair this with a hub assembly of the same thing on the other side of the axle would give you a max of 2500 lbs. Now we do mention this is a bolt pattern of 4 on 4 and basically on a bolt pattern that would normally even number of lugs, which in this case would be four. You could just measure directly across from the center of one stud to the center of the other. But in this case because this hub sticks up or protrudes up some it's going to be hard to actually get a correct measurement.

So what you can also do is just measure from the center of one stud to the center of the other and on a 4 on 4-inch bolt pattern that would measure up 2-7/8 inches. That will determine that this is a 4 on 4-inch bolt pattern. Now this hub assembly that uses the L44643 inner and outer bearing will be stamped on the back. It's stamped in it. It might be hard to see but it is stamped 8-91A.

And that should do it for a review on part number 34822BX.

Gregory W.


Do you have anything compatible with 4 stud hub housel HM506. Your Q & A says your part number AKIHUB-440-2-1K will work but not available until end of October

Etrailer Expert

Victoria B.


I have attached a link for you with all of our 4 on 4 hubs that use bearing L44643 as both the inner and outer bearing. This page will also show which products are currently In Stock.