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Diamond RV Lighting - Porch Light - DG0115 Review

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Review of Diamond RV Lighting DG0115

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the Solar LED Weatherproof Wall Light with Motion Sensor. Now this is perfect for the outside of an RV or a campsite. It provides lighting, safety and security, and a sliding will activate when the environmental brightness is less than 30 lumens.The motion sensor will activate the LEDs from dim to bright, and it can stay lit overnight when fully charged. It's very quick, easy installation. No wiring is needed, and it should be installed about 13 feet or less from the ground. The detection angle is 120 degrees and less than 19 1/2 feet.Now the mounting hardware's all included.

This will give you a permanent installation. If you want a temporary application you can use double sided tape or suction cups with hooks, which we do sell separately on our site. It does have 12 LEDs in the front, 2 LEDs right here in the back.Wattage on this is 1.5 watts. Light output is 220 lumens. You can see right up at the top here is your solar panel.

Life span is about 35,000 hours, and it is IP65 waterproof.Now it does have two power modes. There's a button right here, right now it's off. So basically if you press that button once, it'll put you in mode A. Press it the second time, it puts you in mode B, and when you press it the third time it'll turn off the light.Now in both modes it will automatically turn on to full brightness, which is 220 lumens, when motion is detected within 19 1/2 feet. The difference in the two modes are in mode A, when the motion is not detected for 10 seconds the dim mode will activate and both the front and the rear LEDs remain on.

In mode B, after 10 seconds of no motion the dim mode is activated, the front LED shut off and just the back lights stay on. I am going to try to show you that.But again, here's your mounting hole right here and one right up here. So basically you would mount it this way onto a wall.So what I'm going to do now, is we're going to go ahead and let me just push this once, and you can see the lights come on. I'm going to go ahead and turn off the overhead lights, and you can see it's very bright. Give it some motion, there you go.

Now that's the dim and then you see it goes to full.There's two LEDs right in the back. Just giving it some motion so it'll come on again, and there you go the dim. The full, and I'm going to hit it the second time. The second time puts it in mode B, which I was mentioning the only difference is the dim mode, the front LEDs will shut off and the back lights stay on you can see. There's your back light staying on, and again there's your front. Very bright LEDs. And then you hit it the third time, and it should shut off.But that should do it for the review on the Solar LED Weatherproof Wall Light with Motion Sensor.