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Diamond RV Lighting - Porch Light - DG0168 Review

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Review of Diamond RV Lighting DG0168

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Diamond solar powered LED outdoor RV light. This is a motion activated light. It's going to be waterproof and have a max out put of 800 lumens. This is going to be a really unique design LED light to provide solid lighting for any outdoor use like at the camp site, on your RV or on camper. It does have this two solar powered panels up at the top to provide the power to your light. Any excess power that those generate will be stored in the lithium batteries that it does come with, has two that are in these compartments on the back.If you ever need to change out those batteries, you can just push that little panel down and remove it, exchange it.

This is going to be a waterproof and dust proof light. So you don't have to worry about anything getting in there and causing any corrosion or damage to your light or the batteries. There are three different settings with this light. You can change those on the back using this white button here. So we've got our low, medium, and high.

And those solar panels are also going to act as a dust to dawn feature. So it'll recognize natural light and will save power during the day.So if we turn our lights out here. We can cover up our LEDs so you can get an idea of what those lights are going to look like. So right now it's set to off. We turn that on, that's going to be the low setting, medium, and high.

And you can see that dimmer light on the back, that's going to be our additional night light to just provide a little extra light all night. Even when there's no motion detected, that'll stay on the whole time it again detects that natural light and the whole unit will turn off.Again this does use lithium ion batteries and it does come with those. Those are going to have a max life of 35,000 hours. This is also going to have 50/50 SMD LEDs to create that bright solid panel of light. Those are on a self contained circuit board to allow for a uniform high intensity light.LEDs are of course going to make a great replacement for any incandescent lights because they're going to be more efficient and they're going to provide brighter light with less power and heat.

And there's no bulbs to ever replace with this, no brittle filaments that can bust and go bad on you, so you have a really long lasting, nice light. It's going to have this sort of unique arrow shaped housing. So whenever you mount it, it's going to be facing like this, sort of a triangle there.As far as the dimensions on this, from the angle here or from this edge to this edge it's going to be 10 and 5/8 inches long by eight and 3/4 inches. And then it's going to stick up about four and a quarter to that point there. Again the max output on this is going to be 800 lumens. It does come with a template to get this mounted up onto a wall. So basically you just take the screws and anchors and put those into place through the two holes at the top and the single hole at the bottom. And then you just leave a little bit of space on that screw and you can hang the light on that. It's got the larger hole at the bottom with the smaller space. You just hang it in place and you should be ready to go.It does come with those screws and anchors and that template. And that's going to do it for our look at the Diamond solar powered LED outdoor RV light.

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