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Review of Dometic Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories Portable Toilet - DOM94FR

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Dometic Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories Portable Toilet - DOM94FR Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Dometic 970 series portable camping toilet with the five-gallon tank, and this is in a tan color. Now, this is a nice, durable travel toilet. It's designed for camping, RVing, boating, or any other recreational activity, and it is also great as an emergency option on long car rides. This is small, but it's a very handy and space saving portable toilet. It adds nice, clean comfort to your RV, boat or camping adventures.A few specs on this. The weight of this is going to be about 11 pounds.

The width of it is 13-1/8 inches wide. The depth from the front to the back is about 15-1/4 inches, and the height is also about 15-1/4 inches tall. Now, the functions on this toilet are contained in the smallest possible space to ensure that you can enjoy home-like comfort when you're traveling. It does use a nice scratch-resistant finish on it. It makes it very easy to keep clean.

The durable design of the high density polyethylene construction on this toilet will look new for a long time.It does offer powerful flushing at the touch of the button right here without constant pumping or any batteries, and it'll set this portable toilet apart from a lot of the other ones. Now, this one we mentioned is a tan color. If you notice on this, the very bottom portion tank is the tan color. It's a light tan. The top is white.

We do also offer this in a gray where the bottom part would be a gray color. That's sold separately on our website. It's part number 301097606.What I want to go through is we're going to show you how this toilet operates, how to prepare it for use after you use it, and then how to empty it. Basically, if you look on the lid, it gives you those steps also on the lid, how to prepare it, how to use, and how to empty it. It does come with this nice instruction manual that will describe everything about this toilet.

So, we're going to start with is the how to prepare it for use. What you want to do is first pull this flush handle right here with the lid closed and that'll relieve any air pressure in the tank. After you do that, go ahead and close it. Then what you'll do is remove this water cap right over here and then put your hose in there and fill with water. You'll fill it to about one inch below the opening, and then go ahead and put your cap back on. Then what you'll do is pull that flush valve again. When you do that, that'll open the slide valve. Let me show you. When you pull that open, that opens to the bottom tank, and then you'll want to pour your deodorant or your sanitizer directly into that lower tank. You do not want to put the deodorant in the upper tank. You want to put that in the bottom tank.Once that's in there, go ahead and close that slide valve. Then this air pump right over here on this side, you pump this air pump about 15 times or until you hear air coming through this relief valve on the cap on the water side right over here. Just pump that, and once you hear it, you're ready to go. Go ahead and close it, and then your toilet's all ready for use. Then, when you go to use it, what you'll do, again, is with the lid closed, pull that flush handle to release any air pressure inside there, close it back down, open it up, and then you're ready to use it. After you use it, go ahead and pull this flush handle. That'll open that valve, it'll release the waste into the lower tank. Then what you'll want to do is this button right here. When you push it, that'll release the water to rinse the bowl clean and the water goes into the bottom, and then you'll go ahead and push this flush handle to close the slide valve.Now, this is a five gallon tank right here. It's a detachable holding tank. When it's put together, it does seal firmly to prevent any leaks or odors. It does have this tank level indicator right up here that allow easy tank level monitoring. It'll show when that indicator shows full. You'll want to empty this lower tank. So what's you'll do to empty it, at the very rear here, there's this latch you'll just pull up on. You pull up on it and overlay it. Release the front or the upper tank from the lower tank, and then with the slower tank, all your waste is in here.What you want to do is there's a handle here. You can carry this to your waste disposal area. Then once you get there, just rotate this discharge shoot all the way away from the tank, take the cap off, and then there's a vent here. It's showing closed. What you'll want to do is turn it to open and that'll allow you to empty this tank into the waste disposal area. Once you get it all empty, and if there's clean water nearby, you could hose it off, hose off the inside. Then what you want to do, put your cap back on there, rotate your shoot around, make sure to close your vent. Once that's all closed, then all you have to do is come back, take your upper tank, line that up with the front, push it down, and it locks it into place. Then you're already to start over again, but that should do it for the review on the Dometic 970 series portable camping toilet with the five-gallon tank in the tan color.