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Review of Dometic RV Bathroom - Standard Height Toilet - DOM87FR

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Dometic RV Bathroom - Standard Height Toilet - DOM87FR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at, and today we're taking a quick look at the Dometic 320 Series RV toilet. So this is going to be a standard height toilet, so it's going to be similar to what you'd find in your home, just that standard height. So it's going to be comfortable to sit at. And then our seat is going to be made out of wood material. So that's going to help to make sure that we don't have any super cold seat to sit down on in those winter months.

It's going to be a lot more comfortable that way. And it's also going to have an easy to use flush system. So if you'll notice down there on the right, it's kind of hard to see since everything's white on white on white here. But we'll have this little push pedal to use with our foot.Now, the way that this is going to operate, you need to keep a little bit of water in the bowl to help make sure that it gets a nice airtight seal, so you don't have any odors coming through the bottom and stinking up your RV or anything like that.Things can seep out odor wise if you don't have that little bit of water in there. They recommend about an inch, so probably to about there on the toilet.

Whenever you flush, there should be a little bit of leftover water. But if not you can fill that by just barely pressing down on that lever just before the little flap or the ball opens. Once it opens all the way, of course, that water's going to go out. So that would be a full flush where you open that all the way down or push that pedal all the way down to the floor or wherever this is mounted. So to do a full flush, if there's any solids or paper in there, you'd want to hold that open for a second or two, or until all that stuff is flushed away, and then close it back up.

Again, want to make sure that there's a little bit of water leftover to make sure that there's no fumes that come out. It's a nice looking piece.The bowl, so this portion until right about there, is going to be made of ceramic. A lot easier to clean than other materials. The rest of the base is going to be made out of a polypropylene, so you can hear that difference.And then again, our lid and seat are made of that wood material. So three different materials, but it's all going to look really nice.

Comes in white. The polypropylene material at the bottom is going to make this lighter, so it only weighs about 30 pounds, about 30 and a half pounds. So I can easily pick this up without too much problem. So getting it installed should be pretty straightforward. It does come with the hardware to attach at the bottom. It should be a kit that looks like this, so you'll have your little cover, the flange nut, a flat washer and a T bolt. This hardware goes on either side. The nut portion is going to go up, so the T portion is going to slide underneath your flange, and then the hardware comes up. Cap goes over it to make it a little bit nicer looking once it's done.This does have power flush technology, so it gives you better pressurized rim flow. And that's going to help to create that vortex of water to get everything to go all the way down the bowl and flush out. It's designed to be installed directly above your holding tank. It is made in the USA. Again, as far as our height, this is going to be 19 and a quarter inch tall. And I'll put my measuring tape to that so you can see exactly where that's measuring to. But that is going to be a standard size, so again, it's going to be just like your commode at home. So it's going from the ground to the top of that seat, or to the top of the lid there.Turn this over so you can actually see that for yourself. 19 and a quarter inches. The overall length from front to back is 21 and three quarter. Our seat length is 17 and a half inches. And then our thickness is going to be two and five eighths inch, which is right here. The seat cutout is going to be 12 inches by eight and a half, and the depth of the bowl is going to be eight and three quarter inches. It does have a two year limited warranty, and it is made in the USA. Now, there are other configurations available here at If this doesn't quite fit your needs, you can check those out. And hopefully this video has been helpful in figuring out if this is going to be the right one for you. But that's going to do it for our look at the Dometic 320 Series RV toilet. Thanks for watching.

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