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Review of Dometic RV Toilets - Standard Height - DOM74FR

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Dometic RV Toilets - Standard Height - DOM74FR Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Dometic 300 Series RV toilet. This is a completely polypropylene construction, so it's going to be very lightweight. It's really not going to add any unnecessary weight to your RV or motor home, so very nice there. It is a standard 20 inches tall, so it's going to feel more like your toilet at home, so you're not going to have to leave all the conveniences of home at home while you're out camping.

On the inside we do have the power flush technology that's going to improve the pressurized rim flow that creates a high speed vortex of water for full bowl rinsing. Make sure that everything gets washed down. Our foot pedal on the side here is going to be our flush mechanism, so when we push it halfway down, it's going to put some water in the bowl before we go, and then when we're finished we can simply push all the way down and that's going to flush it.You can see on the inside here, the flushing mechanism. As we push all the way down, it just slides open and allows everything to drop down. You do want to be careful not to push on the lever too long or you might fill up your black water tank faster.

We obviously want to clean that out as infrequently as possible, but because it is kind of that gravity feed, you do want to install this right above your holding tank and it's going to be very easy to get installed. It's got a two bolt installation pattern, so that's pretty standard for all your toilets. It comes with all the hardware that you're going to need to get it installed. So, if you're using this as a replacement toilet, it's going to work great. Can also work as a new installation if you're adding a toilet.Just one thing to keep in mind with all toilets, whether it's an RV toilet, polypropylene, porcelain, whatever the case may be, with all toilets, you want to be careful as you're tightening down your hardware.

You don't want to get it over tight or you might crack some of the components, so you want to get it nice and snug without tightening it too far.I do want to give you a few measurements to make sure that this is going to work for you. So as I said, our total height, we're right about 20 inches. For our overall length, we're looking at right about 19 and a half inches. Now the camera kind of plays with the angle there, but it is right about 19 and a half inches. Our seat, and we lift our lid up, from the back to the front, it's right about 16 inches exactly.

Our seat cutout here, we're looking at right about 10 inches by about eight and a half inches. Our seat thickness is right about three inches, and then the depth of our bowl is about eight inches.So, this is the basic white option. Dometic has a lot of options. We're selling a lot of them here at, so if this isn't the option that you want, the basic white, we've got many different options available including both a tan option, same dimensions, everything's exactly the same except it's tan, and a white option with a hand sprayer. The benefit of the hand sprayer is it's going to allow you to more easily clean out the bowl so you make sure that it's staying clean. So, totally up to you. If it we're me, I would probably go with the white basic option. I've never really used the hand sprayer, so it seems like a nice add on but definitely not necessary. Then as far as between the tan and the white, totally up to you with the color scheme with your bathroom. I think white is probably a more common color, but if your bathroom fixtures are tan, probably would like that tan option to better match all of those.This does come with a two year limited warranty from Dometic, so you can trust they're going to stand behind their product. It's going to hold up well for you and do a good job. I do really like the standard height of this toilet. It makes it more comfortable. You trade a lot of conveniences when you're out camping. This is one thing that I personally do not like to trade a lot of comfort in, so I would definitely go with this toilet, or any of the other Dometic toilets that are standard height. Again, totally up to you. We've got a lot of options here at So, that's going to complete our look at the Dometic 300 Series RV toilet. Thanks for watching.

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