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Draw-Tite Pintle Hitch - Pintle Hook - Ball Combo - 63012 Review

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Review of Draw-Tite Ball Mounts 63012

Today, we're going to take a look at the Draw-Tite Pintle Hook Combo, Number 63012. This is a pintle hitch combo with a 2-5/6 inch trailer hitch ball. It will mount directly to your bumper if you have a heavy duty reinforced bumper or you can hook it up to a pintle hook mount and will show you how to do that in just a moment. The pintle capacity for this item is 16,000 pounds, maximum growth towing weight capacity. The weight capacity of the hitch ball is 14,000 pounds and it has a 3,000 pound towing weight capacity or a vertical load limit. The ball hole diameter right here is 1-1/8 of an inch. Looking at the mounting platform here from the center here to center here, top to bottom is 1-1/3 of an inch; and side to side, center to center is 3-3/8 of an inch. All the mounting hardware that you see here is also included.

I'll show you how to use this. This would be the view from the top. First, you would remove the pin and clip and as you can see, the pin and clip is attached to the product with a lightweight chain then you would lift this lever here and that would move the pintle up, so you could back your vehicle to the trailer coupler and fit that there. Then you would raise that lever again to close it. For additional security while traveling, you would replace the pin and clip and that ensures that the lever won't move thereby accidentally opening that up while you're traveling. This is the Tow Ready Pintle Hook Mount, Number 63057.

It is sold separately. You can, using the mounting hardware there, just attach that to one of the sets of holes here depending on how high or low you need the pintle hook to be. This is in the drop position. You can also use it in the rise position, same way. This will fit a two inch trailer hitch receiver.

That should just about do it for Draw-Tite Pintle Hook Combo Number 63012.