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Review of Du-Ha Car Organizer - Rear Under-Seat Organizer - DU59VR

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Du-Ha Car Organizer - Rear Under-Seat Organizer - DU59VR Review

Hello, everybody. This is Jeff with Today we'll take a look at the Du-Ha LockBox Underseat Truck Storage Box and Gun Case. Now, this is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 2019 and newer Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500 crew cab trucks. And on a custom fit part like this, I always like to recommend for you to go to our website, use the fit guide, putting your year and model vehicle.

It'll show if this'll work for your application. Now, this is a nice under seat storage lock box that'll turn your unused dead space in your truck cab to nice storage space. Helps keep the items from cluttering seats and floors, and it will store your valuables out of sight. The under seat storage bin will store tools, guns, and more items in it, frees up space for passengers, dogs, and other gear. You can see it as a very large bin.

It will extend under both rear seats. And if you notice on each end, we have the keys in there. There's a lock here, and then there's a lock over here. This little lock in two places to prevent theft, and it will include a total of four keys. Just to show you what we're talking about, right now, it's unlocked.

So you can see we can open the lid. When you go to lock it, if you just turn the key this way, and over here, you just turn it that way. Now you can see with it locked, and you can take the keys out if you want, but you can see there's no way you're gonna get it open. And then to open it, just turn it back that way, turn this, push down a little bit, turn it back that way, and you can open the lid. So you can see when you turn that there's sort of a hook there that'll lock the lock there.

Now, this is a heavy duty polyethylene plastic bin, and will withstand the punishment of everyday use. And I did want to zoom in and show you all the Du-Ha storage products are roto-molded. You can see this as the same process that you use to make premium coolers and high-performance kayaks, so that will not flex a curl. A lot of your other storage boxes that are out there on the market will make the under-seat storage products using thermoforming, which is the same process you use to make floor mats. Thermoform products will simply not, are simply not as strong or durable, and they can flex and curl. This does use a full length piano hinge. If you notice that full length all the way here, and if we open up, you'll be able to see on the inside that full length piano hinge gives you a lot stronger hinge. Makes opening the lid very easy. So if you open it on one side you can see that the whole lid opens up. Now, I also want to show you the inside. If you notice on the inside, it has these special dividers here that'll organize your cargo. When you do insert 'em in there, they'll help separate in this smaller areas, so it'll keep any smaller stuff so it doesn't get lost in there. And if you also notice, if I turn it, you'll be able to see it has the cutouts in there. So this is actually a legal gun case in most states. And a legal gun case is when the gun is completely contained in a securely fastened case. And as I showed you, this one actually locks on both ends, so that'll make this a legal gun case in most states. Also, if you notice on the cutouts here on the dividers, they actually use a foam material. It's very soft material, so when you put your guns in there, it won't damage 'em. And this will hold up to three shotguns or rifles, one of them with a scope. And again, you can just close the lid just like that. Now, this is custom designed for it to fit your vehicle. You can see it has a nice black color. Now, all the mounting hardware is internal. So when you do lock this box, that cannot be removed. And this part is made in the USA. Last thing I want to do is just give you some dimensions on this. The overall width at the widest point is 55 and 3/4 inches wide. The overall depth, the widest point, it's gonna be usually right about here, it's 20 1/2 inches deep. And the height from the bottom to the very top is 10 1/2 inches tall. But again, just showing you how it opens. You see the piano hinge. And then if you're ready to lock it, all you have to do is just hold down on the lid, turn your lock that way, push down, turn it that way, and it's locked in place. You're all ready to go. Simple as that. Now one last thing I do want to mention, they do give you this extraneural knob with a washer. And what that's for is actually when you go to install this, on the inside, you'll put all your tools for your changing your spare tire. All the tools are together in a tool holder. There's a knob on it, and the factory knob is actually too big. So they do give you a smaller knob that you can use in place of that so this fits correctly. But that is included. But that should do it for the review on the Du-Ha LockBox Underseat Truck Storage Box and Gun Case..

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