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Du-Ha Vehicle Organizer - Rear Under-Seat Organizer - DU20080 Review

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Review of Du-Ha Vehicle Organizer DU20080

Today, we're going to review part number DU20080. This is the Du-Ha Truck Storage Box and Gun Case for under your rear seat. This one is tan in color. These are custom-fit for your vehicle. This one will fit the 2009 to 2013 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab with the subwoofer under the rear seat. As you can see, there's the cutout for where the sub-woofer would be.

Basically, when you install this on your vehicle, you would just unbolt the subwoofer, attach the cord, slide this into place, put the subwoofer back in, connect it, bolt it down and you're ready to go. This under seat truck storage bin will help you store tools, guns, many other items. Keeps the items from cluttering your seats and the floor of your vehicle. When you put them in here, they'll store them out of site because the bottoms of your rear seats will fold down and give you the lid that would be covering this. This is a large bin which will extend under both rear seats. It comes with these special dividers, which will organize your cargo.

These inserts will help keep to separate the smaller stuff so it doesn't get lost and it also has cutouts on it. If I can show you here, see how they have the cutouts right here The reason they have the cutouts so it'll all be able to hold your guns. It will hold two guns. This one here with the angle cutout will actually hold the gun with a scope. You can also see this one has the cutouts also.

Basically these inserts would install by you just match them up. Now, this part, the lower side would be what would go under the seat. The higher section would be on the front of the seat. You can also tell by these cutouts right here where the straps will go. This will go more towards the rear of the truck. Basically, when you line your inserts up, you can see there's a taller side and a shorter side, just like that.

What you would do is just, you'll see in the bin itself it has the cutouts for it, so you can just slide the insert right in. You can see these inserts are actually two pieces. One is a very hard piece which is used to stiffen it. The other piece is the soft material which won't damage your guns when you're storing them. It's a very soft material. You just line the stiffener up to it. Again, you do the same way, take the higher side; just push it down into there. With them installed, you can see just like that, so you can carry your guns in there if you need to or anything else. This is made of a heavy-duty polyethylene plastic which will withstand the punishment of everyday use. As I mentioned, it is custom designed to fit your vehicle. The other nice thing is the color will match your truck's interior. All the hardware pictured here, the straps, the two nuts are included for installation. This part is made in the USA. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty. Basically, the way you would install it . Again, I'm just going to flip it around because this would be towards the front of the truck and this would be on the rear, so you'd slide it under the seat this way. You would just take your straps and there's a cutout right here, you just run your strap through the back of your seat, bring it up through the bin, put it up through the buckle just like that, pull it back through the buckle, and then you'll be able to tighten it down how tight you need it and to hold it to your seat. Underneath your seat, there's another strap that you do the same over here with this cutout. Then, on this particular application, there are two nuts that we'd tightened down onto the bolts already on the vehicle to hold it into place. That should do it for the review of part number DU20080, the Du-Ha Truck Storage Box and Under Seat and tan in color. .