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Review of Duracell Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - DU64FR

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Duracell Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - DU64FR Review

Ellen: Hey everybody, I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a quick look at the Duracell Portable Lithium Jump Starter. This is going to be a really handy thing to have with you and keep it in your vehicle, your boat, your RV, or anything else to make sure that you always have a backup if your battery happens to die. Something that I like about this is that it can hold a charge for up to a year with very minimal power loss. So charge this guy up, make sure it's at a hundred and then you should be good for about a year. And it also has the capability to work with a Bluetooth app. And you do have to download it on your phone, but it lets you monitor where the battery is to make sure that it's always ready to go.As far as using it, it's pretty simple.

At the one end, there's just little cap to plug that up. You'll connect in the power cables here, and they're shaped in a way that you can only put it in one way. So you don't really have to worry about connecting that wrong. And then you just want to match color for color on your battery posts. So pretty easy there.

You can see there's a little green light flashing letting us know that it's ready to go. You'd hook that up to your battery, let it sit there for a minute, do its thing, and then start up your vehicle as normal. Unplug this.It does also have an indicator on the unit itself so that you know what the battery is at. So if we press that battery button might be kind of hard to see, but you see there, the little lights that came on, that's letting us know that it's 75% charged right now. It does also have a built-in light.

So it helps to see what you're doing even in the dark. And it's also IP five rated. So that means it's pretty much weatherproof.The IP rating is an ingress protection or the rate of ingress. So with IP five, it means that they've tested it to being subjected to water jets and it's had no issues. So rainstorms shouldn't have any effect on this.

Again, good for boats and anything else like that. You can also charge your smaller accessories off of this. There's a USB port in there. So if you want to charge your phone laptop or anything else, you can charge it off of that. And then to make sure that this is charged itself, there's a little micro USB port, and it comes with a 12 volt adapter. So you can put this into your vehicle or that 12 volt round cigarette, lighter style charter, or port in your vehicle, make sure it's topped off.Or you can just take this cord and put it into any kind of AC wall adapter. It doesn't come with that, but it does give you the option for this more portable to power off of your vehicle's battery to keep it maintained, or at least to charge it up once you've jumped your vehicle to run it again and you're riding around and you can charge this while you go around. Also comes with a little carrying bag, so you can stash everything in here, tuck it out of the way, keep it with you, put it in a storage compartment in your RV, or what have you. They're there. Got small cinch guys and that's pretty much it. So a really nice, easy to use, very functional piece and make a really nice Christmas gift as well, especially for teenagers to always make sure that they have a way to jumpstart that battery, charged the phone or anything else.So I think this is a pretty nice backup. I also like how compact it is. There are other jump starters that are bigger than this, but I liked that you could just stash this into your glove compartment. If you have a bigger one or that kind of pocket in the back of your chair or the seat in your vehicle, you can even probably stash this in the spare tire compartment. Just a lot of places you could put this and also the fact that it gives you the other functions to be kind of a battery backup for your phone and other stuff.So I like it also Duracell. I mean, you know that name is they make trusted products. They know their way around power, so should be good to last you for many years to come. Well, I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this was the right choice for you. We do have a lot of options available here at, as far as jump starters and other kind of battery maintainers and things. But our goal is always to make sure that you get the right part the first time. So again, hope this video is helpful. I'm Ellen with Thanks for watching.

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