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Review of Duracell Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - DU74FR

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Duracell Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - DU74FR Review

Jeff: Hello, everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this Duracell 12-volt 600-amp Portable Emergency Jump Starter with the LED light. Now, this portable jump starter revives dead 12 volt vehicle batteries. So, it's perfect for gas or diesel cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, and more. Does use the nice heavy duty copper, battery clamps with the six gauge size cables and they're easily stored on the case, you can see one on each side. Basically when you're not using them, you just put the cable inside there and then clamp this on there, just like that.

And it'll keep them stored on each side. It is a nice rugged, weather resistant construction, stands up to the elements. The light right up front here, it's a built-in LED emergency light that'll provide enhanced visibility when working at night. And basically, you turn it on by just pushing the top button here.I just wanted to show you how bright it is. Go ahead and turn off the overhead lights and you can see it gives you a very bright LED light.

Then if you turn it off, push the button on or off. Also, the next button right up here, this next button will turn on the LED battery level gauge. You can see here when I turn it on, it'll give you . there's four different dots there that will light up. It's showing you three of them are lit up and it's showing green, so it does have the charge.

If the fourth one would light up green, that would be a full charge in there, but it is showing you that there's three LEDs lit up. This digital battery level indicator, monitors the current level of the charge in the jump starter. Also, when you push that button, it will turn on this USB port right underneath it here, for charging.It is a 2.1 amp USB port, so that'll let you charge smartphones, tablets, headphones, or portable speakers. And then if you turn it off, then the port goes off also. So, to charge through that, you do need to turn that button on.

And then right here, it has a nice 12-volt port that'll power accessories, like a tire inflator, power inverter, fan, or coffee maker.And the internal battery can be quickly recharged using the included AC charger. And that AC charger is sort of hidden away down here, if you notice, right underneath the light. If you'll release it and then slide this up, you can see, you can pull out your AC Wall charger here. Lean it out. There we go. And once you get that out, you can see, you plug that into your wall and then plug this right into your 12-volt power port right up at the top here, to charge it. And then when you're done charging, just go ahead and place that back in there with the wiring and the plug. And then this will just slide right down, and lock it into place, keeps it all together so you don't lose it. Few specs on this. The application is for 12-volt lead-acid batteries. The battery types it supports are AGM and sealed non-spillable batteries.The starting current on this is 600-amps peak, internal battery is 7-amp hours. We mentioned the USB port right here is 2.1-amps. The DC output is 11-amps with automatic reset. Voltage, the AC input is a hundred to 240 volts AC. DC output is 12 volts DC. The weight on this unit is about seven and a half pounds, does come with a nice set of instructions on how it operates. Last thing I want to give you some dimensions on this. So, if we measure from one end to the other, getting our tape measure up, is going to be right at 11 inches long. The width on it is going to be the widest point, including the clamps. Right at six and one-eighths inches wide. And the overall heighth from the bottom to the very top of the handle, is going to be right at six and 11-16ths inches tall. But that should do it for the review on the Duracell 12-volt, 600-amp Portable Emergency Jump Starter with the LED Light.

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