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Dutton-Lainson Trailer Winch DL24086 Review

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Review of Dutton-Lainson Accessories and Parts DL24086

Today we're going to review part number DL24086. This is the Dutton Lainson Electrical Quick Connectors for the Dutton Lainson TW4000 Electric Winch. Now this part will allow you to add a quick connect and disconnect feature to your Dutton Lainson Winch. Basically you add these connectors onto your power wires that will go from your power supply to the winch, put these in between there to allow you to disconnect the winch from your power wires, makes installing your winch very quick and easy. The wires are connected to these terminals right here and then these terminals with the wires attached would be fed into these connectors and then your connectors are just used, will be pushed together for connecting and pull it apart for disconnecting. The terminals themselves, they are designed to accept a 10 to 12 gauge wire size and it is recommended when you attach the wires to these, to solder them for the good connection. This part is made in the USA and again, the application is for Dutton Lainson TW4000 Electric Winches and it does come with a nice set of instructions that explain how to make your connections. Basically how you would do that is, we'll take one of these connectors and then two of the terminals and what you'll do is cut your wire and then you'll connect your wire, the positive side to one, the negative wire to the other.

Then what you'll do is look at your connector, and on your connector it will have a plus on one opening and a minus on the other. Plus would be for your positive wire, minus would be for your negative. If you connect your positive wire to this, you're going to insert this in here. What you want to do is, with the hook down, you'll just insert it in there and then push all the way and it will snap or lock into place. Take your negative one with the hook down, put the terminal in there and, same way, just push it all the way in and then they're connected. You'll see you have your terminals on this side.

Then what you'll do is go to the wire, the other part of the wire after you've cut it. Take the positive to one terminal, negative to the other and you'll do the same thing on this one. With the hook down, make sure you put it in positive to positive, push it all the way in. Take the negative, again with the hook down, push it all the way in. Now with your wires going and connected to your terminals in there, this will give you your connection points. All you'll have to do is push it together just like that and you've made your complete connection.

If you want to remove your winch from your vehicle, just pull it apart, just like that. The other thing I wanted to show you is, if you're thinking once you put these in if you made a mistake and put the positive in the wrong position, to get it out, all you have to do is take a small screwdriver and just push on the clip that it clips onto and the terminal will fall, un-clip and then just push the terminal all the way out. You can do that for either one if you put them in the wrong way. That should do it for the review on part number DL24086, the Dutton Lainson Electrical Quick Connectors for the Dutton Lainson TW4000 Electric Winch. .

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