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Dutton-Lainson Trailer Winch - Electric Winch - DL25200 Review

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Review of Dutton-Lainson Trailer Winch DL25200

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Dutton-Lainson TW4000 StrongArm Electric Winch. This winch makes loading and unloading your boat quick and easy. It can be used for other applications other than marine. This winch can handle up to a 4,000-pound boat and it's made in the USA. The winch is a nice compact unit. It features a high impact weather resistant case that provides excellent protection for the internal components. It also features a power switch located right here, easily accessible on the side and it's guarded top and bottom, but the power switch allows for quick loading.

Here on the top, it's got the indicator in the off position and then in the load position, so that would bring the line back into the unit. The winch is designed to run off of 12-volt DC power, and it features a positive mechanical braking system. It also features a freewheel-out clutch that allows the strap to be extended out by hand. The control knob is easily accessible here on the side. Right now, it's tightened, which means that it's in the engaged position, so it's ready for winching. If you want to move it to the free-spool mode, all you got to do is turn that counterclockwise, and that I'll allow you to extend the strap out as needed. It does include a polyester strap.

It's very strong and durable. It's going to measure 20' long x 2" wide. It also comes with a steel snap hook for easy connecting. At the front, it's going to feature the brushed stainless steel front plate for superior rust resistance. This winch features a gear ratio of 324:1.

They're heat treated making them very strong and very durable. Located right here is a removable plastic plug for emergency handle use. That emergency crank handle is not included, so you will need to use a 5/8" deep well socket and ratchet. This simply enables use of the winch in the event of power failure. The base, this allows for easy mounting. Mounting hardware is not included.

The included instructions recommend using three 1/2" bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers for your installation. The wiring harness is included as well. That's this component right here. This unit is designed to run off of your towing vehicle's power supply. That way, you can store the harness in your vehicle, keeping it safe and out of the elements when it's not connected to your trailer and when you're not using the winch. It does feature a quick connect design that makes it easy to connect to the winch. You're going to have this plug right here and that would simply plug into this port located right here on the winch. The red wire's going to measure 25' long and the negative or ground wire measures 8' feet. The positive wire, which is the red wire, it runs to the positive post to the vehicle battery. It is circuit breaker protected, so you'll notice that a circuit breaker's installed on there. Then, the negative wire, which is the black wire, grounds to the vehicle frame. Now, the winch features a 1,500-pound load capacity, which is suitable for up to a 4,000-pound boat. Maximum continuous run time for this winch is three minutes. The load speed when there's no load is going to be 22' per minute. At full load is 8.2' per minute with a full reel. The mount holes on the mounting plate, so these two right here, these are separate on center by 2-1/2" and then these holes are separated from this hole on center by 3". The base plate itself, take a measurement of that. Measuring that plate portion going this direction, that's going to give us a measurement of about 3-7/8" wide, and then the length of that plate measures about 8-7/8" long. The overall measurements of the winch front to back gave us a measurement of about 10-1/2". The width from this side here at the widest point, which is going to be at the back to the outer edge of the hand knob here for the free-spool clutch, that measured about 8" wide, and top to bottom measures about 8-1/4" tall. That's going to do it for today's look at the Dutton-Lainson TW4000 StrongArm Electric Winch.

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