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Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution - WD With Sway Control - EQ37120ET Review

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Review of Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution EQ37120ET

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System with 4-Point Sway Control. Now, weight distribution systems are going to help evenly distribute weight over the axles of your tow vehicle and trailer which is going to offer more stability and control. Ultimately, it's going to create a more level ride for both the tow vehicle and the trailer. Now, this particular system is very unique. It's going to have 4-point of sway control and it's all integrated, so nothing separated has to be added on. Sway control is really going to help limit side to side movement of the trailer.

This unit's design to stop trailer sway even before it begins. Two points are going to come from the rotational friction. Built in to the head assembly. Once you have this connected to your trailer, the downward pressure that's applied on the hitch ball by the trailer is going to become bad by the upward pressure exerted by the spring bars. It's got that pinching action right here at the head assembly. What that does is that it offers a lot of upward force.

The upward force that's placed on the spring bars on both sides is going to create that rotational friction that's always going to help force the trailer in line at all times. The other two points the sway control are created by the steel on steel friction. That's going to occur when the spring bar's sliding these L brackets that are mounted on the trailer frame. The unit does not use lift chains, so that way you don't have to worry about the spring bars freely moving. Now, these spring bars are designed to flex appropriately over uneven terrain for a nice controlled even ride without the bounce.

They're going to be constructed of a chrome steel which is going to offer extreme durability and dexterity. Dexterity simply means that it's going to give as required, and it's going to return softly back into its original form. It's really neat feature and benefit of that type of constructions. Now, these brackets are a no drill clamp on style bracket. They can be adjusted along the trailer frame to accommodate frame mounted item such as gas tanks, battery boxes, tool boxes or generators. The are adjustable and they'll fit a maximum frame height up to six inches.

When it comes to getting the required tilt or pitch at the head assembly. The unit's going to use a traditional washer design. It's going to have a space to rivet, it's going to come with some washer so you simply just add or remove washers to tilt the head up or down. The unit's going to be made from a steel construction, but it's going to have that dipped steel or that dipped finish. What that does is that it provides protection to the steel components from rust and corrosion and overall it increases the durability of the unit. Also, at the bottom of the head assembly, there's going to be a set screw. Once you get the desired tilt or pitch, you can tightened that set screw down, and it lock it into that position. Now, the unique design of this sway distribution system does make it compatible with surge type break actuators, and nothing has to be removed or adjusted when backing your trailer up with this fully engaged. It's going to come with the snap up lever. This is going to ease installation by reducing the amount of lifting that would be required by your trailer jack. This simply just gives you the proper leverage needed to get these bars up into place on the L brackets. A few specifications to mention real quick. When it comes to the tongue weight capacity, it's going to have a maximum tongue weight capacity of 1200 pounds. With a maximum gross towing weight capacity of 12000 pounds. It does come with everything you see here on the table. It's also going to come with detailed installation instructions and an owners manual. All the necessary hardware to get everything assembled and installed is included. It's going to come with the adjustable shank right here that's made from steel construction as well with the same type of finish on it. It's going to come with the two and five sixteen inch hitch ball that's made from a chrome steel construction, and it's going to have a double chrome plating. It's going to be highly resistant towards rust and corrosion. Overall, really nice design. Again, that's a two and five sixteen inch hitch ball. The unit's design for two inch by two inch trailer hitch receivers that's rated for you to weight distribution systems. A few measurements that I just want to go over with you real quick. We're going to have about twelve inches from the center of the hitch pinhole to the center of the hitch ball. Now, that will vary depending on the head assembly tilt or pitch. I did that measurement with it squared off here on the head assembly. It's straight up and down. Twelve inches from center hitch pinhole to center of hitch ball. The adjustable shanks going to offer a six hole design, can be used in the rise or drop positions. Those holes are separated on center by an inch and a quarter. That's going to be the incremental height adjustment. The maximum rise with the head assembly at the highest setting is going to be seven inches. That's measuring from the inside top edge of the receiver tip of your hitch, to the top of the ball platform. With the unit in the drop position with the head assembly at the lowest setting is going to give you a maximum drop of about three inches. It's also going to come with your hitch pin and clip to get the unit secured in your hitch. The product is made right here in the USA, and it's covered with a limited lifetime warranty. Now, the last thing I want to show you, we get a lot of questions on how easy is it to disengage to the system, or how easy is it to disconnect it from the trailer. We have a really helpful video that shows how to do that, but I thought I've go ahead and show it as well. All you have to do is remove the L clip from the bracket. Now again I'm just showing you how easy it is to remove the arms once you have the unit disengaged form the trailer. I want you have all attention off of the unit that it's really easy to do. This would stay in position of the trailer frame. You would use that lift bar to go ahead and remove the spring bar from the L bracket. Then the spring bar is held in the head assembly with the pin and clip. You release that, and then you can pull it right out. The screw right here is going to line up with the hardware that goes down through it. If you need to lubricate it all or maintenance, you can just put some grease in there, just any of the moving components. That will help the system basically just operates a lot smoother. That's really easy to get those spring bars installed and uninstalled from the unit. That's going to do it for today's look at the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System with the 4-Point Sway Control.

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