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Erickson Truck Bed Accessories - Tie Down Anchors - EM01006 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Erickson Chrome-Plated Steel Flip-Up Stake Pocket Anchors for a quantity of two.Now, these stake pocket anchors will serve as tie-down points for securing your load. They are designed to work with trucks, vans, boats, trailers, and what's nice about these, they are a flip-up design. So, in other words, you can flip the loop right up there. Keeps it upright for easy use, hook your tie-downs in there, and then when you're not using them, they just fold right back down when they're not needed. Give you a nice, smooth surface, so they don't get in the way. They're a durable chrome-plated steel construction, which is corrosion resistant.

They are an easy no-drill installation. It includes everything here you need to install them. The two anchors are included. The two plastic gaskets, the two lower-mounting brackets, and the four mounting screws.Few dimensions on this. I'm going to measure the base first.

Overall width from edge to edge is right at 3 3/8" long. Width on it, is going to be right at 2 1/4" wide. Now the measurement on the lower brackets that go into your stake pockets, those are going to be 2 1/8" by 2 1/8", and then the inside loop dimensions on this, in other words, where you're going to hook your tie-down to, the inside portion of that, the width on it inside is going to be right at 1 1/8" wide, and the overall height of the inside loop is right at 5/8" tall.But to go and install these, basically what you would do, is you would just take your gasket, put it on the bottom of the baseplate. This is what'll go on the top of the stake pocket. This lower bracket is what'll go underneath, into the bottom of the stake pocket, and then you'll see there's two holes here that are threaded, that'll line up with these two holes here, so you have this at the bottom of your stake pocket, this at the tope.

Take your screws, drop them right through there, and then those would just screw into that bracket, and as you tighten them up it would pull this bracket up and hold it securely into the stake pocket. So pretty simple installation.That should do it for review on the Erickson Chrome-Plated Steel Steel Flip-up Stake Pocket anchors for a quantity of two.

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