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Review of Everchill Coolers - Electric Cooler - EV57FR

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Everchill Coolers - Electric Cooler - EV57FR Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Everchill electric cooler with internal lithium battery. So this cooler is a 55-quart or 13 3/4-gallon capacity cooler. And what's gonna really set this apart from most coolers out there is that it is going to be electric-powered. So it's going to allow you to keep your food and drinks cold or frozen without having to use ice, so you're not gonna have to deal with the hassle of putting more ice in your cooler, draining out the water that's melted, and trying to keep your food cool that way.

This is going to be kind of like a refrigerator, So it's going to keep your food cool. So it is gonna be great for your outdoor adventures, camping, tailgating, boating, those sort of things, to allow your refreshments to stay nice and cool like you want them to be. We do have two different compartments here, so you can set the temperatures at different levels. So you can have like a freezer compartment and a refrigerator compartment, basically. So depending on what kind of temperatures your food and beverage needs, you can get that set up.

To control that, we do have a control panel here on the outside. That's got an LED display, so you can see the current temperature inside those different compartments. And then, you can also adjust those to accommodate the different temperatures that you need. And so this will go down all the way to negative four degrees Fahrenheit, which is also negative 20 degrees Celsius. And right next to our control panel, we do also have this USB port here that's going to allow us to charge up our phones and that sort of thing.

So using that internal lithium battery for other things, but you'll probably want to primarily use it to keep everything cool. To run this or to charge it up, we do have these ports on the backside here. So you've got your standard wall cable, so you can plug this into your wall before you go out, charge up that battery, or depending on where you're using your cooler, you could plug it in and not have to worry about losing battery power. Or we've got this vehicle auxiliary port connection that you can put there at the same spot down here at the bottom. Those will both go in here.

But then, we also have this solar port, so if you wanted to plug in a 100-watt solar panel, you could plug that right in there and that will allow you to charge using that solar energy. I did measure that port. It's about five millimeters in diameter, and then that internal pin is about two millimeters. So unfortunately, that isn't going to be natively compatible with any of our solar panels that we have available here at So you would have to get an adapter, which we also don't carry. So it is a little disappointing that it's not more of a universal fit to fit more solar panels. But if you really wanna go the solar route, I would recommend picking up a portable power station that will allow you to just use your standard wall plug. And then, we'll have an external battery that you can use to extend the life of your cooler as well as charge other things with that solar power. So if you really wanna go the solar route, that's the way I would recommend. Unfortunately, that solar port doesn't seem to be super convenient, but it is there if you are able to find an adapter to work with your solar panels. So once you get it charged, or it takes about eight hours to get charged up if you're using the wall port or the wall cable. If you're using solar, it's gonna take longer than that. Once you have it charged, it's gonna last about 12 hours, depending on your external temperatures, the area that you're in, as well as the settings that you have inside. So obviously, if you want it to be super cold, it's gonna run through that battery faster. So the lid on here is a nice, durable lid. So we'll be able to stack things on top of this as we're traveling. We're not gonna have to worry about it being flimsy, falling in or allowing our food to get warm. We do have this latch here. It's gonna keep that lid nice and closed tight. And the lid is also reversible. So if you get to your site and get everything set up and find that it's in a poor position, you can very easily just rotate that lid around, get it set up on the other side like so, so that you can easily access it from that other side. So very simple to move that around. You can see, we do also have this cutting board that's in here. So we can take that out. It fits right into this top portion of the lid. So if we're wanting to prepare some food, we can easily set that there. And then, this is gonna be much easier to take in to clean up. And then, we can store it right back there again. Inside, we do have these LED lights. So let me try and get a better angle for you there. So if I turn off the lights in my studio, you can see those LED lights on either side. Unfortunately, my camera's not really showing you how bright those are, but it is gonna do a good job of allowing you to see your food and the things that you have down in those compartments. We do also have these removable baskets. So it's gonna be much easier for you to just pull these up and see what you're needing to pull out rather than having to dig down in there. And so you got baskets for both sides, your smaller side and your larger side. So we can pull those out. Back inside there, we also have this plug that we can remove and drain any liquids that are inside there. We can easily drain those out to make it clean up much easier. On the outside, again, we do have this telescoping handle. So we push up on these tabs, and that's going to extend up to or extend out up to 12 inches. There's not really intermediate settings. It kinda locks in at that extended length. So that's going to make it much easier as you're rolling the cart or rolling your cooler. From the handle down to our wheel, it's right about 43 inches. So approximately 3 1/2 feet. Should be pretty easy to pull behind you. Won't have to worry about doubling over to pull that cooler. Our wheel is right about six inches in diameter. And so it's gonna do a good job of rolling across lots of different kinds of terrain, making it easy for us to take this along with us. On the other side, we'd also have a carry handle here so we can pick this up, put it in the vehicle to take out to the site, or to take out of the vehicle. This does weigh about 43 pounds when it's empty. So obviously, as you add your drinks and food and that sort of thing in there, that's gonna add some weight. So might be a two-person job, and you're definitely not gonna want to take it backpacking or anything like that unless you're rolling it. So keep that in mind when you're loading it and unloading it. As far as our overall dimensions go, with the handle retracted from the far edge of the handle to the far edge of our wheel here, we're looking at right about 28 inches long. Our width is about 18 inches. And then, our height, we're looking at about 22 1/2 inches. One last little feature that they include is this bottle opener here. So as you get your bottles out of the cooler, you can easily open them up and enjoy. So like I said, a very nice option here to prevent having to use ice, having to deal with the mess and the hassle of that, and it should take some of the weight off of the cooler as well. Of course, it might be a little bit heavier to begin with than your other coolers, but it is gonna be a really nice option to keep your food and beverages cold for you. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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