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Fantastic Vent RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - FV803350 Review

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Review of Fantastic Vent Enclosed Trailer Parts FV803350

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number FB803350, this is the Fantastic Vent Roof Vent. The roof vent's going to feature a reversible 12 volt fan that's going to be able to push old air out and pull fresh air into your RV, camper or enclosed trailer. The variable speed fan is going to offer two modes of operation, again allowing you to push old air out or pull fresh air in. That's controlled with this switch right here. Then you're going to have three manual speeds, it's going to let you boost to reduce air flow as needed. That's controlled with this switch up here.

You're going to have low, medium, and high and then you're going to have an off setting as well. This cap right here's going to be where your fuse is installed. The fuse is included and it's already pre-installed. Over here you're going to have the thermostat, so this unit's going to feature the automatic thermostat regulated settings. It's going to help conserve energy by running only when preset temperature is reached. Down here you're going to have the controls to open and close the dome.

You're going to have a manual control in case of power failure, and you're going to have the automatic control as well. Now a safety switch has been installed on the unit so the dome must be opened about three inches before the motor will even operate. When the dome is completely shut or fully closed, the motor's not going to operate, so keep that in mind. Now one of the other neat features I wanted tot ell you about is that it has an internal rain sensor built into it. That's going to signal the dome to automatically close and for the fan to shut off when it gets wet. The powered arm is going to open and close the hinged dome so you don't have to worry about any hand cranking when it gets wet and then when everything is dry, when that sensor is completely dry, the fan will kick back on. Right here, we're going to have a pop-put vent or a pop-out screen, excuse me, a pop-out screen.

This is going to help keep insects out of your RV, camper or enclosed trailer. That can easily be detached, that way you can clean the screen, and you can also gain access to those fan blades and clean those as well. It's going to feature ten clear fan blades, so that's going to allow for plenty of sunlight to come into the interior of whatever it is that you have this installed on. Then here on top we're going to have a smoke colored polyethylene dome. This is going to filter UV rays while allowing plenty of light in. Now this piece right here, this is going to be our interior polypropylene trim, or garnish and roof flange, it is included.

This is the piece that you're going to be able to see from the interior of your RV, camper or enclosed trailer. It's going to have four mounting holes on it so that way you don't have a lot of screws to look at with it installed. You don't have to worry about multiple screws, so only four mounting holes. All your screws and hardware's included. The screws are going to have nice white heads on them so that way it's really going to blend in well with the interior trim piece. Now the unit's a very simple installation. These two pieces are going to fit together if we can get those to slide into each other. Just like so, so your ceiling and roof would be sitting between here. It's a two-wire design so you're going to have one wire for power, one wire for ground. All the necessary hardware is included. The only thing that you may need to purchase separately is if you want to put some sealant or put some caulk on the roof around the mounting flange. The product's going to be made in the USA, again, it's designed for RVs, campers, and enclosed trailers that have roofs up to four inches thick. Now if your roof is a little bit thinner, you can trim that interior piece to fit your particular application. The rough opening size that this vent is going to fit, is going to be 14.25" by 14.25" square design. If we measure outside edge to outside edge here on the piece that's going to go on the roof, we're going to have about 16 3/8 of an inch. The interior piece, outside edge to outside edge is going to be 16.25 and again both of those pieces are going to have square measurements. Now with it fully installed, the vent is going to extend above the roof when fully closed by about 4 1/2 inches and 11 1/2 inches when it's fully open. We're going to have multiple mounting holes that's going to go around the perimeter of the piece that's going to mount to the roof. Again, all the hardware to get that attached is included. Now when it comes to the fan capacity on high, it's 920 SCFM on medium, 653 SCFM, and on low 478 SCFM. SCFM is going to stand for standard cubic feet per minute of air flow. Now when it comes to the power draw on high, at 12 volts, that's going to be 3 amps. On medium, 2.29 amps and on low 1.86 amps. We're going to and connect it to our external power source that way you can see how the fan and all the different functions are going to operate. I'm just going to go to the underside here, I'm going to go ahead and try to open up our vent, or our dome. Here we go. One of the other things I want to point out is that it also has a nice gasket that goes around here to create a nice tight seal to limit the amount of moisture that comes in. We see the components here again, we're going to have the clear fan blades, rain sensor on this side, sealable hinge design and again we're on that smoke colored dome. Now I can go ahead and turn our fan on. I just want to choose the direction of air flow. This is on low. This is on medium. This is on high, really nice quiet fan. We can go ahead and turn it off. Then again, you can change the direction of air flow using that large switch underneath. Now we'll go ahead and close the dome. It's a really nice simple, easy to use design. That's going to do it for today's look at part number FV803350. .

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