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Fantastic Vent RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - FV807350 Review

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Review of Fantastic Vent Enclosed Trailer Parts FV807350

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number FV807350, this is Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent with the 12V fan and the remote. Remote's included as well as a wall bracket, that way you can get that mounted and always have it handy for those times when you want to use it. The roof vent with the reversible 12V fan is going to push air out and pull fresh air into your RV, camper or enclosed trailer. This is going to use a variable speed fan, it's going to offer 2 modes of operation. You're going to have 13 manual speeds that will boost or reduce airflow as needed and 13 automatic thermostat regulated settings, that are going to conserve energy by running only when the preset temperature is reached. Really nice system, very easy to use digital remote control is going to provide convenient operation. It is going to include the wall holder as well as 2 AA batteries.

I already have this unit hooked up to our power source. There's going to be a sensor in here, so I'm going to go ahead and turn the unit on by pushing the power button. It's going to open it up, I already had it preset, so my fan is automatically kicking. You can see I'm not using hands to operate anything, this is all the way open. Now my fan's running at top speed, so what I can do is use my speed control over here to reduce it.

Again, I'm going to have 13 different speed settings to choose from and then I can control temperature settings as well. I can control the direction of the fan that way it brings air in or sends air out, and I can control the up and down movement of my dome. If I want to turn my fan off, if I want to bring my dome down then simply do that. It's got a nice rubberized seal right there, so when it's all the way closed it's not going to allow anything to get into the internal area of our RV or camper or enclosed trailer. It's a nice design. I'm going to slip this over, just so you can see.

It's going to have a removable screen that's going to keep insects and other elements out from inside the RV. It's going to detach easily, that way we can clean it when we need to. Another neat thing about this system is it has an internal rain sensor that's going to signal the dome to automatically close and it'll signal the fan to shut off when that sensor gets wet. The powered arm will open and close the hinge dome, no hand cranking needed. The fan will resume when the sensor is dry. Now, we're going to take a look here at the underside, you will notice that it does have a hand knob that's right here.

This portion up here, this is going to be the little holder that's going to hold our fuse, this knob down here is our hand knob, that way we can still operate the dome by hand in case of power failure. That's there as a backup. This unit, you can see the fan blades there, is going to feature 10 clear fan blades, so it's still going to allow some light to some into the RV, camper or enclosed trailer. On the top, when it comes to the dome, we're going to have a smoke colored polyethylene dome that's going to filter UV rays while allowing light in. This is a 2 piece design. This unit is going to be our white interior polypropylene trim or garnish and roof flange. This piece is going to be the piece you see from inside your RV, camper or trailer, nice white design, there's only 4 mount holes, so you're not going to visibly see a lot of screws for the installation. Then you're going to have this piece which is going to go up into the ceiling and it's going to receive the other half of the unit, which is this piece right here. It's got the connection areas so they just slide into one another. All you have to do is line those up correctly and it falls into place. This unit is going to use a 2 wire design, very simple installation. White wire's going to be your ground, black wire's going to be your power. The wiring length that we have coming out of the housing's going to measure about 22" long. You're going to get your hardware packet, the wires in there are going to measure about 26" long. It's going to come with some butt connectors to easily make those connections. Again, hardware's included. The entire product is made in the USA. This is designed to fit your standard 14" by 14" opening in the roof and ceiling. We can take a measurement of the opening that's going to be exactly needed. Measure from this point here to this point here it's going to measure about 13". From the outer most point of the unit to the same point on the other side the overall width is going to be about 16" This is a square design, so it would be the same on each side. Your mounting holes for that interior trim piece, those mounting holes are going to be separated on center, apart from one another, by about 15 and 1/16". This is going to be your wall holder, this is going to be the piece that is going to hold your remote, you're simply slides in there so that way it's mounted on the wall. You can always gain access to it when you need it. Nice compact design, fits in the palm of your hand, very easy to operate. When this is fully installed, and the dome is in the close position, it's going to extend about 4" above your roof, when it's fully open that's going to be about 11". That's going to do it for today's review of part number FV807350, this is the Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent with a 12V fan and a remote.

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