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Review of Fastway Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chock - Wheel Stabilizer - FA84-00-4150

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Fastway Wheel Chocks - Wheel Chock - Wheel Stabilizer - FA84-00-4150 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we'll take a look at this Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for tandem axle trailers and RVs, with a 16 inch to 30 inch tire spacing, and this is for quantity of one chock. Now this wheel chock will minimize the give between your tandem axle tires to help prevent rocking and rolling of your RV or trailer when it's parked. This allows you to freely move around in that trailer RV with virtually no wheel movement. So this will be great for travel trailers, fifth wheels, boats, cargoes, and even horse trailers. And what's nice about this, it is in considerably faster and easier to use than the chocks that require the ratcheting style, saves you time and hassle.

It is a quick simple mounting and removal. Basically, you see how these arms will fold, so you just placed this folded chock between the tandem-axle tires, step down right on here on the center, so that the arms flatten out that firmly presses the wedges into both tires. Just wanted to show you what it looks like there's a insert there that shows them installed on a tandem axle RV. Basically to release it, all you have to do is then just pull up on this handle. And when you pull up on it, it'll release it from between the tires and then you can take it away and store it.

Now it does have an adjustable length, I'll zoom in and show you that. And again we mentioned it's from a minimum of 16 inches up to maximum of 30 inches, it'll fit many applications. Basically on the wedges here, on each end, you can see the arms can be repositioned along the outer wedges. There's three holes you can put it in. Does come with the included Allen wrench that you can just loosen that, put it into what hole you need, same way on the other end.

And also the overall length can be adjusted by moving these pins and clips that hold the arms together. If you notice there's one right here. It has a clip right over here, and then there's also one right here, and you can see the multiple adjustment holes on this arm, same way on this arm, and then there's about three on this arm. So there's many multiple adjustments you can make. And again, it's pretty simple, you just pull out the clip, move the pin, move it to a different hole, put the pin back through, clip it, and you can adjust it.

So before you go to install it, you get it the correct width that you need and then you be able to just put it between there and push down on with your foot and it'll hold it into place. Now it is also lockable to prevent theft. It does require a padlock, which we, it is not included. We do sell those separately. And just to show you the hole right above the bolt right here, that's where you'll put your padlock through there. Same on the other end. So once you got a padlock through there, it'll keep that arm from opening up, so it'll keep it in the installed position so nobody could take it. It is a nice durable steel construction, you can see it has a nice bright red finish to it for visibility. The wheel wedges on each end, you can see they have a nice zinc plating to them, to resit corrosion and the clevis pins, clips, the hex key all is included. A few specs on this, again, the application, this is for tandem axle trailers or RVs. The adjustable length we mentioned can be adjusted from a minimum of 16 inches to a maximum of 30 inches. Now this is for a quantity of one. We do also sell a part that's a quantity of two wheel chocks. That's sold separately on our website, listed on this product page as a related product. It's part number FA84-00-4150-2. But again, when you go to install it, set your adjustment range that you need, to where it will fit your application. Pull up on this, put it between your both tires, put your foot right on here, and then as you push down on it, it'll push those wedges into your tires and hold it in place. And again, this cable, you just pull up on the cable to release it. But that should do it for the review on the Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock for tandem-axle trailers and RVs..

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