Flex-a-lite Transmission Coolers - Tube-Fin Cooler - FLX45221 Review

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Review of Flex-a-lite Transmission Coolers FLX45221

Today I'm going to take a look at the Flex-A-Lite Heavy Duty Engine Oil or Transmission Oil Cooler. This has the 1/2 inch NPT female fittings on the end, and it's a Class 4 rated cooler. This heavy duty cooler can be used for engine oil cooling or transmission oil cooling. Basically, your engine will function at its best when your engine oil is usually between 180 to 200 degrees and engine oil will act both as a coolant and as a lubricant. If that oil gets too hot, what will happen is your horse power drops, varnish forms on the inside of the engine, and your oil starts to break down. A heavy duty oil cooler like this, when used in towing applications, will give you longer life to the engines and its components by keeping that oil from overheating. As I mentioned, this is also suitable as a heavy duty transmission oil cooler. Basically, because your automatic transmission will work harder when you tow, it also will get hotter and heat of course is one of the major enemies of the transmission.

An after market transmission cooler like this can keep your transmission from getting too hot, helps you get best performance and long life out of it. The design of this, you can see the brass tubing. It's a 5/8 inch diameter tubing. What's nice is on the inside of these tubes they have a high twist turbulator design. Basically, it allows the fluid to twist and when it does it improves the heat transfer. This is constructed using aerospace epoxy construction. Again I mention the brass 5/8 inch tube diameter.

It is a 4-pass configuration and that you can see by the fluid will go through here 4 times. You can see the 4 tubes in there. Again, they use the 1/2 inch female NPT inlet and outlet fittings right here. It does include all mounting components, includes a nice set of detailed instructions. The front page will show you how to install it as an engine oil cooler. The back page shows you as a transmission oil cooler.

It is a Class 4 rated cooler. A few dimensions I want to give you on this. The overall length from the edge here to the edge right here is going to be right at 18 inches. The height from the very bottom to the very top is going to be right at 7 inches. Then the depth of it right there you're going to be right at 1 1/2 inches deep. That should do it for the review on the Flex-A-Lite Heavy Duty Engine Oil or Transmission Oil cooler with the 1/2 inch NPT female fittings and a Class 4 rating.

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