Flex-a-lite Transmission Coolers - Tube-Fin Cooler - FLX45951 Review

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Review of Flex-a-lite Transmission Coolers FLX45951

Today, we're going to take a look at the Flex-a-lite Shrouded Heavy-Duty Remote Oil Cooler and Electric Fan, has a Class 5 rating. Now, this Flex-a-lite Shrouded Remote Mount Oil Cooler will provide transmission or engine oil cooling when there is enough space to mount a cooler on the radiator. It's used when the engine is prone to overheating from towing, operating the vehicle in high climates, high speeds or slow speed off-roading. The shrouded version, shrouded fan version here, is for increased airflow, has a built-in electronic thermostat right here. The 1P shroud acts as a wind tunnel, helps center the air flow over the radiator core. The adjustable thermostat right here starts the fan at a specified temperature, usually between 180 or 240 degrees, and because of that, it'll save energy by only running the fan when needed, and it allows the engine to quickly warm up, because the fan does not engage until the set temperature is reached. The brass, or the copper tubing on this is a 5/8" diameter copper tubing.

What's unique about this is on the inside of the tubing, they use a high-twist turbulator design, which improves heat transfer. The fitting you can see, the inlet and outlet fittings, are 1/2" female NPT fittings. This is considered a 6-pass configuration cooler. By that they mean how many times the fluid will go through the heat exchanger. As you can see, the tubes, there's 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, so it goes through 6 different times.

Does use aluminum fins. The cooler itself is an aerospace epoxy construction. Does include everything shown here, includes all the gator clip mounting components and a nice set of detailed instructions on how to install it. Now the fan itself. It is a 10" diameter fan. It is a straight-blade design to generate more air than the S-shaped blades.

The fan itself is made of a durable glass-reinforced nylon construction. The airflow in the fan is 850 cubic feet per minute, amperage draw is 7 amps, and you can see the 2-wire configuration, the red wire is usually your ground, and the black wire's usually your power. This is a Class 5 rated cooler. Just to give you some dimensions on this, overall width from this end to this end, if we put a tape measure on it, it's going to be right at 15-1/2" wide, the height on it, let's turn it around this way, see, is about 10-1/2" tall, and the depth, this way, from the front to the back of the fan, is going to be right at 4-1/2" deep. Now, one last thing I do want to mention is that if you do use this as an engine oil cooler, a sandwich adapter would be needed to put onto your engine, and it is required when using it as an engine oil cooler, but when you do, get the sandwich adapter, you do need to know the correct oil filter thread size on your vehicle, and the port size that would be needed. We do sell the sandwich adapters on our website, they are sold separately.

That should do it for the review on the Flex-a-lite Shrouded Heavy-Duty Remote Oil Cooler and Electric Fan with a Class 5 rating.

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