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Fulton Folding Tongue - Coupler Hinge Kit - FHDPB230101 Review

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Review of Fulton Trailer Coupler FHDPB230101

Today were going to review part number fhdpb230101. This is the Fulton Fold Away Coupler hinge kit for two inch by three inch trailer tongue. This hinge kit will let you create up to a 48 inch fold away tongue for your trailer. It will allow your trailer to be stored in even the smallest garage. It is designed to be used with actuators or standard couplers. This is a bolt-on installation.

It is constructed of a sturdy steel construction. It does have a corrosion resistant, zemat 600 zinc finish. The mounting hardware is included. The pivot bolt and the pivot pin and clip are also included. Now this hinge kit is not for use on aluminum trailer frames.

This part is made in the USA. Again the application on this is for a two inch by three inch trailer tongues. So measure two inches by three inches tall. This does have a five year limited warranty. Basically you would just pull the clip, remove the pin.

That will fold away to the side of the trailer. Now it also can be mounted this way to fold the other way. Now it is recommended by Fulton that the male casting, which is this part right here, that has the center section. This should be bolted to the stationer part of the trailer tongue. The female casting which is this one over here should be mounted to the fold away part.

So it can be used either way 180 degrees. You would want this to be mounted onto the stationary part of your trailer tongue. Now the capacity on this will vary. It does have a maximum capacity up to 5,000 pounds. Actually what will determine the weight capacity is the pivot length or the length of the fold away part of your trailer tongue. Basically the pivot length would be measured from the center of the coupler ball to the furthest pivot pole, which will be this one right here. If this is mounted to your fold away section of your tongue measure the distance from the center of the hitch ball, or the coupler, to this pin. Now if that is 48 inches which is the max it would give you the maximum capacity of 2,600 pounds. The minimum would be is if it is 24 inches then it would give you the maximum capacity of 5,000 pounds. The best thing to do would be to go to this part number on the product page. We will list a table that will list whatever the measurement of the pivot length is it will show you what the capacity of the hinge kit would be. This part does come with a five year limited warranty. That should do it for review on part number fhdpb230101.

Michael M.


These videos keep saying to not use with aluminum trailers but dont say why. Upon reading up I feel like it must be due to aluminum vs steel corrosion. I am still kind of confused however because online I have countless people posting pictures and stories of them using with aluminum trailers for years and having no issues. SO my question is, does the Zinc coating not protect it enough from the aluminum? Ive also read that a large amount of aluminum vs small amount of steel significantly down plays the corrosion effect of weakening the aluminum. What if i used corrosion paint ? I am trying to figure out a way to safely use the hinge

Les D.


I reached out to my contact at Fulton (Horizon Global) regarding the exclusion of aluminum trailers and they said the aluminum was not strong enough for the bolted connections. The bolts could potentially pull through the aluminum.

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