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Fulton Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - F1413060334 Review

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Review of Fulton Trailer Jack F1413060334

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number F1413060334. This is the Fulton F2 swing-up trailer jack with dual seven inch diameter wheels. It's going to offer a capacity of 1600 pounds and it's going over a left tide or range of travel of 10 inches. This is a weld-on installation, you're weld-on mounting bracket and hardware are included. It's going to be made from a steel contraction. The adjustable mount on this unit is going to be this piece right here and it's going to feature a nice swivel system that way it's going to offer easy lifting and transport. The adjustable mount can be adjusted to any height along the tracking here, which is a nice design especially when it comes to versatility of mounting.

The bracket's going to have range of eight inches, all you have to do is loosen this bolt right here and then move the bracket to where you need it and then tighten the bolt back in place. It's got a little cut out right here that way you can rotate that bracket until that cut out lines out with the bolt. That's going to give you access to your socket. It's nice as arm. We have the pull pin right here that's going to allow for easy rotation. Pull pin diameter is going to be 9167 inch, spring loaded.

That's going to allow the jack to swing up during travel making it parallel to the trailer frame, and then you can easily bring it back down when you're ready for use. The jack is going to feature maintenance free construction. It's going n to have the seal lubricated one piece secure box which is going to eliminate the need for manual lubrication. We're going to have an anodized finish on the inner and outer aluminum alloy tubes that's going to prevent rusting, corrosion even in the harshest environments. The wheels are solid polymer twin track design. They're going to role independently, so you can see how each one will role without the other one moving , and they're going to rotate 360 degrees which allows for easy movement of our trailer, making sure we can move as we need to and get it to where we need to. It's got the nice wide wheel base it's going to allow for increased stability.

One of the things that we do offer as an option for this jack is what is called a wheel wedge. It's got the mile location right here. The wheel wedge is sold separately that's simply just eliminates the need for a chalk. Sideline handle, it's going to be made from a strong plastic construction for strength and durability as well as ease of use that's going to give us a handle radius measuring from the center of what mounts to the outage of the handle for about six and 37 inch. If you can see right here it's got this little piece attached to the handle. That's going to be the handle holder, that's going to keep the handle from moving or rotating during travel. As you can see right now we can move they handle around, we can raise or lower our jack really nice, seamless design and then when we move it to an up position for travel all we have to do is pull on that handle holder, rotate it out. It kind of grips around the frame of the jack and then the handle's not going to move until we push that back down.

That's a really neat design. Wheel diameter on the unit is going to be seven inches each wheel same size. The individual wheel width, take a measurement of that real quick. Each wheel is going to give us a width of one and three quarters of an inch. Outer reach, outer edge the base, we're looking at about five one quarter, five and three eighth right in that area. Again we've got the wide for increased stability. This is designed to feet three inch by four inch trailer tones of frames, are up to three inch by four inch since it's a weld-on design. The mount holds on the unit right here on the adjustable bracket. It's going to march up perfectly with the weld-on bracket. That's a nice thick steel solid steel. Very strong, very durable design but those holes are going to march up perfectly wit the ones on the trailer jack. Center on center go on this direction. These hole are separated by 3.44 inches. We're giving you precise measurements, that's going to be very close to three and a half inches. On a ruler that's goon to look like three and 7167 inch. Go in this direction we're looking at about 4.44 inches or exactly 4.44 inches that will also be very similar to four and a half inches and on a ruler that's going to look like four and 7167 inch. Fulton is going to cover this jack with a lifetime limited warranty and I believe that's going to do it for today's look at part number F1413060334.

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