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Review of Furrion RV Air Conditioners - Standard Air Conditioner - F14PA12SASA-W

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Furrion RV Air Conditioners - Standard Air Conditioner - F14PA12SASA-W Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Furrion Chill White Single Zone Premium Rooftop RV Air Conditioner Setup, with a 14,500 BTU cooling capacity. Now this is a complete air conditioning setup that will provide everything you need to cool one room, or zone, in your RV. Includes the Furrion Chill Rooftop RV Air Conditioner, with this air distribution box, single zone controller, and a single zone premium thermostat.I will start with the rooftop air conditioner, it's a Furrion Chill Rooftop Air Conditioner, you can see it has a nice aerodynamic design to it. It has a white UV resistant cover, nice black face and black rear grill. Again the cooling capacity on this unit is 14,500 BTUs per hour. It is constructed with lightweight materials.

Now I have removed some of the screws just so we can pop off the top cover here, so we can look at the inside of it.Now this unit does offer Vibrationsmart technology, which will use compressor dampeners to help reduce vibration and noise when the compressor is running. Also has these nice formfitting foam over the evaporator, and over the condenser to help with noise and vibration. It does use Climatesmart technology, keeps your air conditioner working in even the most extreme climates. And it has dual-fan technology that uses dual motors, this will let it run 25% more efficiently than a single-fan unit. You basically have a fan with it's own motor on the condenser side, and then a motor with a fan on the evaporator side.

It does use soft turn on, with no separate hard start capacitor needed. The dual motor design helps the air conditioner start easier. The maximum startup amperage on this unit is 14.6 amps. It is a very easy installation. It offers multiple operating modes and fan speeds.

Dimensions on this unit, the overall length of it is about 34-7/8" long, width of it is 27-5/8" wide, and the height of it is 13-5/8" tall. Weight of it is about 88 pounds, and it is designed to fit over a roof opening size of 14".Now the other part here is an air distribution box. This electric control air distribution box is perfect for distributing cool air conditioning throughout your RV. You can see it's a nice white color, stylish, slim design so when this is installed onto your ceiling you can see it's very slim. It does provide nice two-way airflow.

And it does have detachable filters, there's two of them, let me pop this cover off and you can see. There's two detachable filters for easy cleaning, you just pop them out, clean them, put them right back in. Mentioned it's a nice white color, includes all the parts and the hardware that's needed for installing it. And the dimension on this air distribution box, all the way including the shroud portion, is 19-11/16" by 19-11/16".Now it does come with this single zone controller that will attach to this air distribution box. This controller is what will provide the ability to control the temperature of one room, or zone. It is designed to work with the included Furrion Single Zone Premium Wall Thermostat. It does give you compressor short-cycle protection, three fan speeds with autofan, automatic restart after power interruption, two programmable timers, and a nice comfortable temperature control and sleep time. Now the Single Zone Premium Wall Thermostat is this little unit right here, has a nice digital LCD display with a blue backlight when it's powered up. Indicates the temperature setpoint in Fahrenheit or Celsius, shows fan speed, and the system available operation modes.It does have five operation modes, there's a button right here for on and off, and also the mode button, so each time you hit it it will give you five different choices to ensure optimal cooling. You get auto, cool, heat, fan and dry. Now the heat mode will only be available when the furnace is enabled. It does have automatic restart after power interruption, two program timers, there's a sleep program right over here. Gives you a simple touch operation, when you push the buttons you can see they click, and you feel them for on and off. Does have a fan button right in the middle at the top here, and then alongside it is up and down buttons to control. It does give you a comfortable temperature control in the sleep time. Dimensions on this thermostat is 3" in diameter, and about 1" deep. It does come with a nice instruction manual for your thermostat, and an instruction manual for the rooftop air conditioner. But that should do it for the review on the Furrion Chill White Single Zone Premium Rooftop RV Air Conditioner Setup, with the 14,500 BTU cooling capacity.

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