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Review of Furrion RV Air Conditioners - Standard Air Conditioner - FAC1511MA-W

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Furrion RV Air Conditioners - Standard Air Conditioner - FAC1511MA-W Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Furrion Chill White Manual Rooftop RV Air Conditioner Setup, with the 15,500 BTU cooling capacity. Now this is a complete air conditioning setup that'll provide everything you need to cool up the one large room, which would be a non-ducted system, or four separate rooms, which would a ducted system in your RV.This part will include this Furrion Chill Rooftop RV Air Conditioner, with this manual air distribution box, and the attached single zone controller to it. Now we're going to go through these pieces. The first start with the Furrion Chill Rooftop Air Conditioner, you can see it's a nice aerodynamic design, has a white UV resistant cover, on a black base and a black rear grill. Cooling capacity again, is 15,500 BTUs per hour, and it is constructed with lightweight materials.What I have done is removed some of the screws here so we can remove the top cover and take a look at the inside. This air conditioner does use vibration smart technology, which will use compressor dampeners to help reduce vibration and noise when the compressor's running.

And if you notice they use this form-fitting foam around the condenser and the evaporator to help reduce noise and vibration also. They do use climate smart technology, keeps the air conditioner working in even the most extreme climates.Does have dual fan technology which keeps. A dual fan technology uses dual motors, and this will help run 25% more efficiently than a single fan unit. You can see there's a fan here on the condenser, and one on the inside for the evaporator. It does offer a soft turnon with no separate hard start capacitor needed, that dual motor design is what will help the air conditioner start a lot easier.

The maximum startup amperage on this is 14.6 amps. It is a very easy installation, offers multiple operating modes.Dimension on this air conditioner, the length of it is 34-7/8 inches long, width on it is 27-5/8 inches wide, and the height of the unit is 13-5/8 inches tall. Weight of it is 88 pounds, and it is designed to fit over a roof opening size of 14 inches.Now the manual air box, which is this right here, this is a manual air distribution box, comes with the attached single zone controller right here, this black box. Now this manual control air distribution box is perfect for distributing cool air conditioning throughout your RV. It is designed to mount on the RV ceiling, and it can be used for duct-fit and non ducted cooling systems.

Basically by just opening and closing these two vents on the sides, you can see the vent here, and the one right here, so just by opening and closing them, it'll help people control if you're going to use it as a ducted or non-ducted system.You can see when it's installed, it's a very nice stylish slim design, does provide a nice two-way air flow, and it does have detachable air filters, let me just pop this cover off. You can see right here, these two air filters will pop out for easy cleaning, and then your top cover just snaps right in. It is a nice white color, does include all the parts and the hardware needed for installation. A nice instruction manual describes how to install it and how it operates. The dimension on this including the shroud is going to be 19-11/16, by 19-11/16.And I mentioned the single zone controller, the black box right here that you hook up, this will provide the ability to control the temperature of one room or a zone.

Has the two manual control knobs right here in the middle, one right here is designed to set the temperature set point, and that's from 64 degrees to 86 degrees. The one right here is for setting the operating mode, does give you three different modes, off, fan and cool. Has three fan speeds with auto fan, and it will give you compressor short cycle protection, automatic restart after power interruption, and a nice comfortable temperature control in the sleep time.But that should do it for the review on the Furrion Chill White Manual Rooftop RV Air Conditioners Setup, with the 15,500 BTU cooling capacity.

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can you get black

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The AC unit itself is available in black with part # FACR15SA-BL .

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