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Furrion RV TV FEFS43N8A Review

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Review of Furrion RV TV FEFS43N8A

Today we're taking a look at a 43 inch Furrion HD 1080P RV TV. Now this television provides visual entertainment in your RV. It does feature the high resolution LED screen which displays a bright, realistic picture, has a really nice contrast ratio to create a quality image.Now the most unique thing about the RV TVs are the technologies that are built in. They're called Smart Technologies, and they're built in to ensure that the TV works when and how you want it to.So there's a few things that makes this specific for use in an RV, such as climate smart technology. That's gonna withstand even the most extreme climates. So it doesn't matter where you're camping or where you're vacationing, how long you have it in storage, winter storage that sorts of stuff.

It's gonna be able to perform the way it supposed to.It also has vibration smart technology which helps the TV and the internal terminals resist vibration, so that's great for anything that's in motion like a camper or an RV. And then Smart Link lets the TV communicate with other Furrion devices such as stereos.Now this TV features Dolby digital audio to provide a clear, high definition surround sound. It has multiple connection points to let you link other devices to the television. So I'm just gonna go over those real quick. We have some right here on the side, and then we have a whole nother line of connection points here on the bottom.So I'll get down here and I'll read these off to you.

So right here, I know it's hard to see, that's why I'm gonna point to where it is. There's an earphone out, optical out, left audio, right audio in. You have your video, you have the PB/PR inlets, HDMI one, HDMI two, HDMI three. So you have three HDMI ports on this TV. VGAN, PC audio in, RF in, you have your USB and then you have your left and right audio out.And then as far as your controls go, you have your power cord right here, you have the mounting pattern, that's the VESA mounting pattern 200 millimeter by 200 millimeter for wall mounting.

It does come with feet, so you have it on a stand, those can be removed.And then you have your side controls right here on the side of the TV, so they're easily accessible. But from the front of the TV, they're not visible. So the side controls provide a clean, sleek look from the front and then easy accessibility on the side.It does come with the Furrion unit smart, universal remote control, works with all Furrion TVs, stereos and entertainment systems. And then batteries are included for that as well as your mounting hardware for that VESA mount pattern on the back that I just showed you.Now when it comes to the overall measurements of the unit, edge to edge, it's 38 and 5/16ths. Top to bottom, just measuring without the feet, that's 22 and 9/16ths inches tall.

And the overall thickness, it's a nice low profile unit, it's only about three and 5/8ths of an inch thick. Maximum resolution is 920 by 1080 at 60 hertz. The power supply is 120 volt AC. Power consumption in standby mode is less than 0.5 watts, speaker wattage is 10 watts per speaker, contrast ratio is 1200 to one. And again the VESA mounting pattern is 200 millimeter by 200 millimeter.I'm gonna go ahead and turn it on. I don't have anything to play, but I am gonna turn it on. That way you can see the brightness and so on. So we'll hit our power button, and then what I'll be able to do is go through the menu options and all that with you.So it just takes a few moments the first time, it's never been turned on before. So it's gonna welcome you to the setup wizard so that way you can choose your picture mode, home mode which is energy saving, and then you have your retail mode. And so you can move up and down, you can select and we would want home mode.This is our menu option. So even that right there just gives you a really good understanding of how bright the picture is on this. It's got really nice coloring to it. Again, it's high definition, 1080P and it has all your menu options here so you can adjust.If I go back to that, you can see that you can adjust your picture, your sound, your clock settings, so your time, your setup, you can get in there and customize. You can do the lock feature on it, you can run your channels. And then you have all of your adjustments that can be made.You can do that manually with the controls on the side or you can do it with the remote as well. That's gonna do it for today's look at the 43 inch Furrion HD 1080P RV TV.