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Furrion RV TV - LED TV - FEHS39L6A Review

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Review of Furrion RV TV FEHS39L6A

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at a Furrion HD LED television. Now, this television provides visual entertainment in your RV. This is a 720P high definition LED TV that displays a bright, realistic picture. It features smart technologies. The different technologies that it has like Climatesmart, Vibrationsmart, and SmartLink ensures that the TV works when and how you want it to. The Climatesmart technology is designed to withstand even the most extreme climates.

That's why this is specifically made for RV or what they call mobile applications, RV and marine applications. Vibrationsmart technology helps the TV and the terminals resist vibration, and then the SmartLink lets the TV communicate with Furrion stereos.I have a video hooked up to it. We're just going to go ahead and play a little bit. I want you to see the quality, and on the bottom is where the speakers are located, and just to give you an idea when it comes to volume, I have it set at well under halfway at 40. We can hear it pretty well.

I'm just going to go ahead and let that play, but I am going to get rid of the audio. Now, when it comes to the audio, we're looking at Dolby Digital audio to provide clear, high-definition surround sound. This is Energy Star certified, so it uses up to 30% less energy than standard TVs, and it has multiple connection points to let you link other devices to this TV.I want to go over those real quick. Now you're going to notice that we have some side ports right here, and then we also have ports here on the bottom. Now, all the ports are labeled, so we have earphone out, optical out, left and right audio in, and then we have the YPbPr inputs, and then we have a HDMI input here on the bottom.

Now, this does have three HDMI inputs, which is a really great design. A lot of things are switching over to the HDMI, and then here on the side we have HDMI two, HDMI three, VGA in, PC audio in, RF in. We have USB, and then we have audio left and right out.On the other side of the TV, we have our manual controls. Those are located right here. The side controls provide a clean, sleek look from the front, and easy access with them on the side.

This is a wall-mount installation. Wall mount screws are included right here, and then it also comes with the Unismart universal remote control. Batteries are included. Works with all Furrion TVs, stereos, and entertainment systems. Now, TV feet or a stand, again, not included with this television.When it comes to the overall dimensions, we took measurements outer edge to outer edge going straight across. It gives us a measurement of 35 and 1/16. Top to bottom is 20 and 9/16 inches tall, and the overall depth or thickness, it's a very thin, low-profile design. It's only about three and 7/16 of an inch deep. Maximum resolution is 1366 by 768 at 60 hertz HD. That's hi-def. Screen size is 39 inches. That's taken from corner to corner. Power supply, 120 volt AC, plugs into a standard wall outlet. Power consumption in standby mode is 75 watts. Current draw is 0.625 amps, and the speaker wattage is 10 watts per speaker. That's going to do it for today's look at the Furrion HD LED television.

Questions and Comments about this Video

David C.
How to to change from air to cable
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Victoria B.

I believe the "Source" button on the left-middle side of the remote will allow you to transition between the antennae TV channels and the cable channels.

Can this TV support a Fire Stick 4K?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Yes, there is a USB port on the Furrion LED RV TV # FEHS39L6A that allows you to use Fire Stick. It is worth noting though that this TV isn't a 4K TV so if you're wanting to use the 4K for your Fire Stick you need the 55" Furrion TV # FEUS55F7A instead as it's the only 4K RV TV that we currently have to offer.