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Review of GCH Automotive Truck Bed Accessories - Ram Truck Bed Camera - GCH74FR

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GCH Automotive Truck Bed Accessories - Ram Truck Bed Camera - GCH74FR Review

Hi there I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this custom third brake light camera system with rear view mirror. Now this rear view monitor is going to replace your existing rear view mirror. When it's turned off like it is now it's gonna function like your existing mirror so you're gonna have a nice clear reflection so you can see what's coming up behind you. But then when you turn it on it's going to automatically engage that camera that's gonna be mounted on your third brake light bezel here. That's going to allow you to see into your truck bed so it's going to make it much easier for you to keep an eye on your cargo or assist you as you're connected to a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer.

Our bezel is gonna install behind that third brake light. It is a custom fit your 2019 and newer Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500. It's gonna be a very simple installation, you're not gonna need to do any drilling, you'll just reuse the holes that are already there, and the included hardware that comes with this. The camera itself is only about an inch and a half in diameter. So it is going to be very minimal, inconspicuous, probably won't even notice it's there after awhile.

The camera itself is a nice waterproof aluminum construction that's gonna resist dust and corrosion. It is IP69 rated, so it's going to keep out all that dust, and close range spraying with water isn't going to harm it. So if you want to go get your truck cleaned it's not going to be a problem with this. It does give you 150 degrees of viewing angle. And you can manually adjust it 360 degrees for a perfect angle for your truck.

Make sure that you can see your fifth wheel hitch or your gooseneck ball, make sure everything gonna be lined up the way that you need it to. This does have a resolution of 620 lines. Our rear view mirror is gonna have that integrated 4.3 full color LCD screen. So we're gonna have that nice clear image. As I move the camera around here you can see that we are going to have that nice resolution of 700 by 234.

It's also going to give us that red, yellow, and green lines there to help us see the distance of the object behind us. We can adjust the color, the brightness, the contrast, and the image orientation. So depending on what we need there, very easy to get that all set up. And then also it's gonna have this zero lux night vision it's gonna produce this nice high quality picture in complete darkness without infrared transmitters. So even if we're hooking up late at night, you don't have a whole lot of light, this is gonna give us options there. Very easy to get this whole system setup. It's got wires that are compatible with your 12 volt, or 24 volt DC system. Our wiring harness here is about 24 feet so plenty of room to run through the back opening. Where you're gonna mount your camera up to the front. Where you're going to mount you monitor. We do have about 20 and 1/8th of an inch for our rear view monitor, so plenty of distance between the different wiring setups that we have, very easy to get connected. And you do want to make sure that when you are installing this that you're connecting your power source to the wire that's only going to be providing power when your ignition is on. Don't want to mount it directly to your battery because you don't want it to wear down your battery over time. And it is recommended that you put in a toggle switch so that you can turn on that camera when you want it. The monitor will automatically pick up the feed as soon as the camera is turned on. So it's gonna be nice to have that on/off feature to make sure that you're able to use the mirror as a mirror when you don't want it to, to be able to turn it off. And then turn it on if you want to see into the back of your bed for hooking up into those fifth wheels, goosenecks, or just checking on your load. So everything you're going to need is included here. It is a nice custom fit for your vehicle so it's gonna blend right in, not gonna be very conspicuous, not gonna take away from the look of your truck at all. It's just gonna provide that extra help for you in getting hooked up or keeping your eye on the load. So it's gonna complete our look for today. Again I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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